Underpinnings. Victoria’s Secret Revamps with Femininity, Not Sex.

September 2, 2008 • Accessories


According to MSNBC.com, Victoria’s Secret‘s image, which had recently gotten overly sexy, is gearing back this season for a more intimate, feminine approach. Take for an example the main image on their website, above, which doesn’t even feature lingerie but rather "the softest cardigans" and "most gorgeous dresses."

The company’s CEO made some suprising statements earlier this year: "Turney caught the attention of headline
writers in February, when she told analysts the company had become more
provocative and ‘too sexy.’ "I
feel so strongly about us getting back to our heritage and really
thinking in terms of ultra-feminine and not just the word sexy,’ she
said in that discussion."

Changes to VS’s image include less provocative mannequins, black-and-white photography and fixture changes throughout the stores, and ads in Vogue and Elle meant to convey the new message. We think the makeover will most likely enhance sales, but we hope the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show stays just as sexy this year as it has been in the past!

Source: MSNBC

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