Model News. An All Black Show.

September 3, 2008 • Fashion


So much for the model diversity and ethnic ambiguity being pushed by Daniel PeddleCarlos Campos will be using exclusively black models for his womenswear show on Monday of Fashion Week. A press release about the show revealed that Iman inspired the casting decision and described the collection as "Jet set
rockstar — think David Bowie and Iman on holiday in the South of


The Observer sensed something fishy about this kind of ‘diversity’ on the runway, as well: "We’re all for seeing more diversity in
fashion, but should we interpret Mr. Campos’s show as having diversity
for the sake of diversity, or just a publicity stunt?" Especially since, as The Cut acknowledges, Sean John and Dsquared2 have both already run shows with only black models… "So maybe the truly innovative thing to do this season would be to cast a group of models that’s actually, well, diverse." Ouch.

It will still set the show apart and make an interesting aesthetic statement, if not a statement in equality or beauty standards.

Source: The Cut

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