Project Runway Season 5. Shanghai Surprise! Memorable Quotes from the 8th Episode.

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So, after last week’s repeat Gristedes/Saturn innovation challenge, we were hoping for something we could really sink our teeth into this week. And the challenge delivered! Creative opportunity abounded, and we got to see the designers really do their thing, free from too much limitation other than the super-strict time deadline. It pushed the contestants to their limits and forced new reactions under pressure. They got the ‘pro’ of hunting for fabrics in Diane von Furstenberg‘s own linen closet to design a piece for her fall collection, while also enduring the ‘con’ of being judged by the CFDA president.

To the workroom! First of all, we were treated to the lack of Keith. Did anyone miss the whiniest designer of the season? I doubt it, and I didn’t. Furthermore, we got to see Kenley totally lose it. After weeks of her obnoxious laughter and undeserved hauteur, the girl went to pieces when she realized she had to design for the extremely established DVF. Someone lost her confidence! Blayne returned from the moon and actually worked on something wearable on this planet; Terri was (rightfully) accused of repeating the same blazer/trouser look again (but she executed it anyway); and Stella got protective of her ideas and basically told Korto to butt out.

In the end, Blayne, Terri, and Jerell got dismissed as middle of the pack, but safe. Suede got panned for his unflattering-to-the-hips design, which I rather liked (especially the green in the print). Joe faced the heat for his okay-from-the-front but bad-from-the-back look, that I thought was all kinds of Shanghai-spy crazy. Joe’s color choice was, as Suede would say, whackadoodle. And Stella took insults about her good idea that suffered from poor execution and questionable taste. If only she could have saved herself from that Dracula critique! Truly enough, we missed Nina Garcia. Fern Mallis, despite her hilarious name and status as senior VP of IMG, could not replace our saucy Colombian.

Finally, Kenley, Leanne, and Korto made it to the top. Kenley definitely achieved a Shanghai look without making it all costume-y, but it was a rather plain frock. Korto definitely created a very DVF garment in black, white, and yellow, but I thought it lacked some creativity. Leanne, however, definitely brought the good the decisions and the creativity with her indigo, ruffled gown, complete with DVF-inspired layering, perfect fit and excellent styling. Although the shrunken jacket didn’t make complete sense, its quirkiness worked for the aesthetic of a combined Leanne-and-Diane. A deserved win! Stella, sadly, said her Auf’s. It was probably (…definitely) time for her to go, but we’ll miss her leatha commentary.


The winning and losing looks.

And now, the memorable quotes! Is it just us, or have the designers been slacking off on their snappy remarks and focusing on their designs in recent weeks? How dare they!!

I am just so relieved we are not going to be designing an outfit for Tim Gunn. – Leanne

I think Mary Kate lives down here (Meatpacking District). I have not a clue where we are going. My first thought is about a fashion legend is Mary Kate Olsen. I want every challenge to be about Mary Kate. I want to marry Mary Kate. Who doesn’t? Besides Tim Gunn. – Blayne (he’s not gay?)

Oh my goodness, it’s Diane! – Terri upon seeing DVF descend down the staircase.

Suede is just focused on what Suede is here to do…working on his look and hoping that Diane von Furstenberg adores it. – Duh, Suede

I’m a risk taker and I like to show versatility and not just another pair of the same pants like somebody else does. – Meow! Blayne towards Terri

Oh say can you see… – Blayne about Terri’s firework pattern choice.

I didn’t want to tell Leanne what I was doing because it’s not Leanne’s business and also I don’t trust Terri. I don’t ask for details. I mean OK, You’re making a dress. Oh great. I don’t care. – Stella

I am really not some femme fatale. Sad to say I have never even been out of the country so I’ve had no foreign affairs. – Leanne

I would love to be a spy…secret agent Leanne-imal and I would hunt everyone down like an animal. I’m a spy! – Leanne (um, OK)

It looks like a bra strap. The yellow is growing on me, but I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing. – Tim Gunn to Korto

I think they were clueless because they weren’t open minded and I think the stylist with the oversized muumuu and waist band didn’t know any better. I really mean it. – Stella about last week’s judge Rachel Zoe (muahahahaha!)

I have always worked for myself or Walmart or K-mart so this is huge! – Kenley

She’s not rock and roll. – Stella about DVF

I believe you have the ability to blow Diane von Furstenberg’s stilettos right off those staggering legs of hers. – Tim Gunn (you noticed?)

I saw her give me a little googly eye when I met her and she loves a tan so it’s in the bag. – Blayne about DVF

I just think it’s sharp and it’s slick and it’s bad ass…that garment has a lot of style and class. – Stella about her design

The crotch is just every women’s nightmare on how a pant should fit. Like hello, she’s got something missing if you know what I mean. – Michael Kors about Stella’s outfit

Shanghai Joe… – Fern Mallis about Joe

I think it was more Transylvania than it was Shanghai. Let’s be honest. – Michael Kors about Stella’s cape.

I was way too big to be here anyway. I’ve learned and I’ve grown. – Stella proving she is a good sport. Zing!

Well that was an ambulant departure. – Tim Gunn (er, what?)

I’m a rock star, that’s who I sew for. If you like my stuff come buy it. If you don’t keep walking. I don’t care. – Stella

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– Hayley Wells and Lauren Dimet Waters


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    not ambulent -ebullient, as stella seemed so happy to be going.
    stella said – my ego was too big, etc.

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