New York Fashion Week Spring ’09. 5th Anniversary of Fashion Rocks: Best and Worst in Show.

September 6, 2008 • New York Fashion Week Spring '09

The 5th Anniversary of New York Fashion Week’s annual Fashion Rocks brought out the big names. And while musicians aren’t always known for their winning fashion taste, we did have a few musical fashionistas that caught our eye. The actresses, too, looked quite ravishing. Then there were those that just looked wrong.

Best in Show


Hayden Panettiere

What we say: Skin-hugging pleather isn’t for everyone, but somehow she pulls it off.


Miley Cyrus

What we say: We’re not always used to seeing Miley in winning looks, but here she wins our hearts.

Hilary Swank

What we say:
 This look has been done before, but Hilary pulls it off quiet nicely.


What we say: Rihanna quite literally stole the show with the biggest ball gown. And I kinda like the rockerish hairdo.


Mary J. Blige

What we say: The color is stunning!


Leighton Meester

What we say: What is this girl doing at Fashion Rocks? Being a Gossip Girl!


Kate Mara

What we say: Amidst the glitz of Fashion Rocks, Kate Mara looks quite elegant



What we say:
This dress looks like a set of piano keys. Its wayyyyy overdone, but Ciara pulls it off.


Anna Wintour

What we say:
You would think by now someone would have taught Anna Wintour how to pose for the cameras! She’s very slouchy, but the dress is elegant. Nice choice, Anna.

Worst in Show


What we say:
It’s not bad, per say, it’s just blah. Didn’t you tell People magazine you want to be iconic, B? Where’s the icon??


Debbie Harry

What we say: For such a big name rocker, she’s also quite blah.


Nicole Scherzinger

What we say: I think she was trying to outdo Rihanna. Doesn’t quite work here.

Solange Knowles

What we say: We know you’re the lil’ sis known for the eclectic style, but the poofiness has got to go. The feathers just don’t work here.


Lil’ Mama

What we say: WTF was she thinking?!

Photos: Wireimage

– Simona Kogan

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