New York Fashion Week Spring ’09. Marc Jacobs: Around the World in 53 Looks

September 9, 2008 • New York Fashion Week Spring '09

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Summary: Yes, Marc Jacobs began his show on time, isn’t that what you really wanted to know? The designer could literally send a paper bag down the runway and everyone would still think it’s the best look of the season. Again, Marc Jacobs proved victorious to a star studded audience last night. Jacob’s show was pure Americana through the decades…a mish-mash so to speak yet somehow he pulled it off. I would never have thought of metallic gingham, yet it looked femininely chic and eclectic. That is the beauty of Jacobs. He pushes the envelope in surprising ways and everyone loves a risk taker. Does it all work? Hell no. But, rest-assured, by the time the collection hits the stores it will be sellable. It always is.

Color Palette: ivory, marigold, yellow, coral, orange, red, purple, green, blue, navy, dove, grey, slate, gunmetal, black

Fabrics & Textures:
cotton, jersey, metallic tweed, leather, gingham, lurex, plaid, floral prints, crushed-straw hats, chunky necklaces, sashes, obis, aprons, scarves, black leather belts with black chains

Key Looks: bustled prairie skirt, gingham shirt, plaid sash; a metallic tweed motorcycle jacket, belted jackets; floral print tunic over contrasting apron; marigold belted tie-jacket with denim prairie skirt; electric blue and marigold belted sundress replete with yellow straw hat; jersey draped evening gowns

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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Photos: NYMag

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