Fall and Winter’s Must-Have Fragrances

September 13, 2008 • Magazine

Fall and Winter's Must-Have Fragrances

Fall and Winter's Must-Have Fragrances

Sat, 2008-09-13 09:00

Natayle Henry

Just like changing your wardrobe and makeup for the new season, it’s important to change your fragrance seasonally. It will keep you ahead of the fashion curve and help you find your inner “diva.” There are a plethora of fragrances that speak to every woman. Try these new and classic fragrances to enhance your wardrobe and spice up your inner fashionista.

1. Tom Ford White Patchoulim — Patuchouli infused with bergamot and white peony. The woodsy notes offers a clean, sophisticated, Bohemian scent. $92

1. Vera Wang Truly Pink — Inspired by the grace of a single rose, this fragrance is an inviting and enchanting fragrance that exudes elegance. $90

2. Viva La Juicy — Berries, mandarin, vanilla, caramel—it sounds like a tasty treat for your mouth! The new fragrance from Juicy is perfect for the lady that desires a sweet aromatic scent. $65

3. Tocca Brigitte — A new spicy scent by Tocca, infused with ginger and rose petals which was inspired by Brigitte Bardot. $68

4. Ed Hardy — An irresistibly sexy blend of mango, strawberry, apple and vanilla pudding. $68.19

5. Harajuku Lovers — A new line by Gwen Stefani, these petite Harajukus have their own styles and scents. With names like Baby, Love, Lil’ Angel, G, and Music, there is a scent that represents your style. Perfect for the fashionista on a budget, you can try each for only $25 or try the set for $125.

6. Burberry the Beat — A true “fashion accessory” this fragrance is for the hip, fun and chic woman. $80

7. Flower by Kenzo
— Perfect for the city-chic woman. Light floral mix with hints of vanilla, violet and rose. $85

8. Chanel Allure Parfum — This fragrance never gets old! This fragrance exudes glamour and opulence. $95

9. Inspire by Christina Aguilera – The new fragrance by Christina Aguilera exudes sensuality and sex appeal. $59

10. Coach Legacy — From the iconic Coach line, this fragrance offers wisps of vanilla while wrapped in amber, florals with a woodsy undertone. $75

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