Project Runway Season 5. My First McJob! Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

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Ahh, finally a Project Runway challenge with practical applications. Or at least, practical applications for me, a 22-year-old recent college grad. As the contestants recreated the looks of college grads for their first jobs, I couldn’t help but think, Wow I wish Jerell would bounce through my door and revamp my wardrobe! Although I don’t face the problem of random swatches of my hair died blonde… who couldn’t use a good makeover?

The second part of this challenge was definitely the more challenging part. Dealing with the girls’ overbearing moms… AHH! You had Leanne‘s girl’s mom saying that her daughter’s dress didn’t accentuate her boobs enough. Funny, since this dress was for her job teaching preschoolers! Then, you had Joe‘s girl’s mom who wants to maintain some of her daughter’s funky look for her graphic design job interviews, which makes sense because Joe created a ridiculous menswear inspired skirt-suit that would look more appropriate for a paralegal. Possibly the worst mom of them all, though, was Kenley. Oh wait no, Kenley wasn’t her girl’s mom, but she took to the mini-Kenley future fashion buyer so quickly and so obnoxiously that they might as well have been related. From the over-confidence, to blowing off Tim Gunn‘s advice, to giggling at the criticism of other designers on the runway (a first as far as we remember… on every other season, haven’t the designers had the decency to feel their fellows’ pain?), Kenley stepped into the spotlight last night as the season’s villain in true Wendy Pepper proportions.

Onward from the drama and onto the runway! Suede‘s jacket and dress get-up was busted, no doubt about it– two words, flared sleeves. Plus, as a photographer, wouldn’t his model need pants to move around, create angles, and take snaps? Korto suffered from Kenley’s disease of creating a mini-me, but at least Korto’s mini-me had an extremely well-tailored jacket and a fresh look. Kenley created, gasp, another vintage inspired dress. At least, this time it had a vest. Joe’s suit looked ill-fitting and cheap, even though I thought the pocket square idea was kinda cute! Joe sure caught a lot of hell for that one! Leanne’s was kinda blah and didn’t venture forth from her usual color palette, and Jerell’s was definitely the least bad of the bunch (and something I will emulate for a job interview in the near future most likely!).

And lo and behold, Jerell took it home! Happily and humbly we might add– take a note, Kenley. And although Suede’s jacket was dated and silly enough to be something someone on Felicity might have worn, in the end, Joe’s look was bad in conception and execution. Though we’re sad to see the one straight male go, we’re glad his Bryant Park collection is just a decoy! Cause whew man… it was bad.


The winning and losing looks.

Here are your Memorable Quotes

We’re going to be making evening gowns for infants. – Leanne guessing the next challenge.

Awesome because none of us want to design an old lady outfit to be honest. – Leanne

There’s no way this girl just graduated college. She looks like she’s twelve. – Leanne about her graduate

I’m a hip mom so I can relate to the 21 year-old without being this old woman designing for her. – Korto

She seems very interested in the pants which is not Suede’s thing, but she’s my client I need to make her happy so I’m gonna have to probably go down that pant road. – Suede

And since Stella’s gone I’m the queen of leatha now. – Korto

OMG! Suede found a Pucciesque pattern in purple! – Suede

The first job I ever had was for McDonald’s. I got all sorts of Big and Tasty’s and I got bad skin from standing over a fryer. – Jerell

Kenley. She can make one hell of a 50’s/60’s dress. That’s all. And that’s all she serves up. – Jerell

We were all kinda waiting to see who was going to get the Hedda Lettuce in this challange and it seems like it might be Leanne. – Jerell

One sexy teacher dress coming up. – Leanne

Come on Joe. You can work on Nancy Reagan tommorrow. – Jerell

Gather-arounds are never a good thing. I’m just hoping we don’t have to create a look for the girl’s mothers or I will just have to jump out the window. – Suede

I never really change anything for Tim. – Kenley who needs a good smack down.

I think his girl is going to audition for the role of Selena. – Leanne about Suede

You found a little mini-me. – Heidi to Kenley

It’s the total cliche of what a work outfit should be. – Nina Garcia to Joe

She looks 20 years older, but from another decade. – Heidi about Suede’s design

Full Becky Home Ec-ky.. – Michael Kors

You could almost seriously wear that and go to a Working Girl party. – Michael Kors about Joe’s design.

Out-see-daisy. – Joe

It’s just like the cherry on the mother f’ing cake. – Jerell 

– Hayley Wells


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