Milan Fashion Week. Prada Punishes Its Models.

September 24, 2008 • Fashion

Yesterday in Milan, you did not want to be a model for Miuccia Prada. You didn’t really want to be in the front row of her show, either. And, unless you delight in schadenfreude, you didn’t want to be at the show at all, because you would have been so embarassed for the models who had to strut. Apparently, the 6-inch heels got the best of most of the girls.

Prada herself attributed it to the height of the heels, but also because the models were styled wearing little socks, making the heels slip. The Daily Telegraph reported a model saying, "I was having a panic attack, my hands were shaking. The heels were so high. Some of the girls were crying backstage they were so scared." You can tell in the video below that it made for a thoroughly uncomfortable show, for models and audience alike. The clothes got lost in the spectacle of it all!


It looks like even those who made it through the runway, did so at the expense of their signature walk, tiptoe-ing or just clomping as best they could. We’re proud of the one who finished shoes-in-hand! She made it look like that was where the footwear should have been the whole time!

Read more about the disaster of the show here. We saw a few shoes fly off in New York, but nothing like this! Wow.

Source: The Cut

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2 Responses to Milan Fashion Week. Prada Punishes Its Models.

  1. Lauren - SCS says:

    That is just cruel! 6 inch heels? Even Victoria Beckham would have trouble in those! Miuccia should be sentenced to 6 hours in them herself. She looks like SHE was wearing flats when she walked out to take her bow. Shame on her.

  2. Kelley D. says:

    omg.. how awful…..
    Designers should have learned though.. especially with all the other escapades of previous shows of girls falling…

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