Not So Fast. Project Runway Blocked From Moving to Lifetime

September 29, 2008 • Lifestyle

Well this is sure a shocking change of events. According to, our favorite reality show, "Project Runway" will not be struting its stuff on the Lifetime TV’s runway anytime too soon, a judge ruled Friday.

A preliminary injunction was ordered by New York Supreme Court
Justice Richard B. Lowe in a lawsuit filed by NBC Universal (the parent company of Bravo TV) against the
Weinstein Co., which produces the hit reality series. NBC Universal sued Weinstein after the production company made a
reported $150 million deal with Lifetime for the show.

temporary injunction bars Weinstein from taking "Project Runway" or any
spinoff to Lifetime and contended that evidence showed that Weinstein
violated NBC’s "right of first refusal" for the show.

Weinstein Co. said in a statement that it intended to appeal the decision. LifetimeProject_runway_nypost_2
said it was disappointed with the ruling and that it will
"pursue all measures" to uphold its agreement with Weinstein for the
show’s sixth season.

NBC was ordered to put up a $20 million bond; Weinstein had asked the
court to set a $200 million bond, which it said was the value of its
deal with Lifetime.

In its lawsuit, NBC alleged that Weinstein
moved "Project Runway" because NBC balked at the attempt to bundle the
series with other Weinstein properties that NBC wasn’t interested in. Weinstein claims there was no right of first refusal in the contract and that NBC was offered the deal but was outbid.

The parties were ordered to return to court October 15.

"Project Runway," now in production in Los Angeles, was expected to start airing in January on Lifetime. Now it probably won’t. Tragic news for us Project Runway fans indeed.

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Photos: Bravo & NYPost

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