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September 29, 2008 • Lifestyle


Personally, this show makes me want to claw my own eyes out, but I recognize some of our readers may enjoy hearing Rachel make up ridiculous lingo (shut it down) or shop to her heart’s content (for clients, of course). This display of vulgar consumerism offends even me who likes all things luxury. Yet, Rachel’s narcissism is voyeristically fun to watch and makes for questionable TV entertainment, I guess. Sadly, I find myself watching much of the reality programming on Bravo, probably because they re-air it to death…you just can’t avoid it.

Here are two previews of this week’s episode which airs on Bravo every Tuesday at 10/9c. If you can stand it, watch the continuation of last week’s
episode where Rachel and Brad drag out living it up at New York Fashion Week (nothing like milking that for two soild weeks which is real time actually). In the
clips, Rachel waxes poetic about the ‘amazingness’ that is Fashion Week, and she and Brad make a 20 minute stop at New York Vintage – and end up walking out
with a full closet worth of clothes.

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