WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Celebrity Bad Fashion

October 3, 2008 • Celebrity Style

With the fashion shows in Paris this week was actually pretty quiet. Or was it due to the depressing week on Wall Street? So I don’t know about you, but I need a pick me up. Why not laugh at the fashion foibles of others? This week’s WTF is a little short on fabric.


Ashley Tisdale at the "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" photocall in Madrid, Spain.

Let’s start with the top, which does not go with the skirt. Not even close. The skirt is actually cute and would have been a hit had she worn it with even a simple black tank. And what is with the grey stirrup legging with a blue ankle strap shoe? Yikes.

She was thinking: I’m not quite a woman yet. What do you want from me? Wait. These aren’t geranimals?


Ali Jey at the Selecciones Generacion Latina Event in Miami Beach.

OK, we don’t know who this is, but this outfit is truly frightening and we are still weeks away from Halloween. The sheer top is so not appropriate for a red carpet. Come to think of it, for public viewing. We don’t want to see your bra. Seriously. The plaid pants (which make her thighs look ginormous) and flats are just the icing on this cake of horrors.

She was thinking: Why does everyone tell me I look like a brunette Lauren Ambrose?


Cameron Diaz at
the AFI Night at the Movies in Hollywood, California.

It’s not that this is a bad outfit for say you or I to go to the movies. But for a red carpet? It’s the pits. Especially considering everyone else at the event looked great. Cameron, it’s also time to visit your colorist…four inches of regrowth? Come on.

She was thinking: I just rolled out of my boyfriend’s bed. What can I say? He’s hot!

On now on to the short stuff…


Heidi Montag at the "Reality Check Challenge" for Global Hunger at Taco Bell in L.A.

By now we all know if it’s an opening of an envelope, Speidi will be there! Here’s a reality check…your shorts are too short! White super shorts and those booties Spencer ‘gave’ her for her birthday are not a match made in heaven. Yikes, summer shorts and fall booties…a bad match indeed. Like she really eats (Taco Bell)? If we were lucky she dripped taco sauce on herself. Aren’t her 15 minutes up yet?

She was thinking: Oh look! A camera!


Cameron Richardson at the Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style in L.A.

Clearly Cameron needs work on mastering her art of style because she forgot her pants! This little plaid number would be great with skinny black pants, but shiny and not even opaque tights? Um, no. We do love the Gucci shoes though.

She was thinking: If only I could hold my clutch a little lower…it could double as a skirt.


Artist Betony Vernon attends the Givenchy Party at Regine’s in Paris.

So do I really need to get into what is wrong with this outift? The too tiny leather shorts are only part of the problem.

She was thinking: I am such a dominatrix!


at a launch party for her book "Domino: The Book of Decorating" in Beverly Hills.

Yes, Kelly usually has a WTF was she thinking reaction to her over-the-top ensembles. But, she if anyone, can pull it off! At least she is true to her freaky style and we love her for it! It’s just this skort (yes, skort) is too short and we hate the sqaure-toe bootie.

She was thinking: It’s my party and I’ll wear what I want to.


Say Anything! Ione Skye looks perfectly fine, we just have not seen her in forever and who doesn’t love that movie? "In your eyes…"


Alex Curran arrives at the Pride of Britain Awards at the London Television Centre in London.

OMG! The puffy shirt lives! It has mutated into a mini-dress! Seriously. It’s too short and too big. Nobody should wear this. Not even a skinny mini.

She was thinking: I so loved ‘Shakespere in Love.’

Photos: WireImage

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