Fashion Focus Chicago 2008. Words:Text Clothing:Fashion – A Fashion Performance by Alice Berry

October 6, 2008 • Fashion Shows


Alice Berry fans (we saw them sporting her colorful scarves!) and interested followers of fashion saw one of the most artistically presented shows
of Fashion Focus Chicago 2008 at the Cultural Center last

This presentation was different as the models walked horizontally across the stage. The slower pace was right for Alice Berry’s flowy jackets, scarves,
dresses, pants…I thought of her line as primarily beautiful silk
scarves and wraps and was amazed at the amount of clothing presented. Her poetry was projected in "words:text" on a screen behind the
models. Alice read one of her own poetry pieces about color, and
how everyone can see one color differently. She asked us to all
question "What do you really see? What is the truth?"



Watching these models, along with the projector showing close ups of her fabrics, (some hand painted, many were her own textile design) I could see why Alice Berry has such a vast fan club.

The cuts of the dresses and jackets were timeless, seemed to have a bit of an Asian influence, and all fit beautifully. When models openeda jacket, each revealed a different lining, and then again morphed into a simple piece of fabric! I thought, "Wait – didn’t I just see a jacket? That’s just a piece of fabric?" Alice Barry proves she is truly a master at draping. I am impressed by her skill in making special one-of a kind pieces that women can collect and treasure.

— Carol Calacci

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  1. Rachel says:

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    A style that currently dominates teens and young adults is the “emo” look. The Cali beach scene, such as Hollister, has crossed with the underground NYC punk scene, popularizing a trend that was once rebellious and unique. Vans shoes, black nail polish, studded belts, skulls, tattoos and black and white checkered clothing have become mainstream.

  2. Lauren says:

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