Do NOT Get It Now: 3 Trends That Will Make You Look Like A Fashion Victim

October 8, 2008 • Shopping


Jacqueline Zenn for Second City Style Magazine

There are a lot of amazing trends this fall, from adorable plaids to
stunning platform heels to luscious patent leather handbags. However,
there are a few looks that are best left to the professionals (the
models, that is); here are the items that you don’t want to get right
now, or ever:

Peep Toe Winter Boots: Little booties with peep
toes are one thing, but knee boots with an open toe is the kind of
thing that really only works on a runway, or on the hyper-fashionable
types that work in the industry. For the rest of us, they not only look
silly, but they are just impractical for winters in most of the world.
Leave the peep-toes to the pumps and booties of the world, and go for
closed toes on your winter footwear (unless you live in LA. Then this
just might work).

Fuzzballs: Yes, big woolen sweaters are cozy and
warm, but some of this season’s offerings remind me more of the actual
sheep that the wool came from than anything chic. Besides, why would you want to look so much bigger than you actually are?

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2 Responses to Do NOT Get It Now: 3 Trends That Will Make You Look Like A Fashion Victim

  1. What a fantastic column, I have one to add, fringe. It is absolutely everywhere, and a little will go a long way, but don’t overdo it. . . you’ll end up looking like an American Indian from the Old West.

  2. Lauren - SCS says:

    Ha! Good point. I like fringe in very small doses and it’s better left for a bag or boots in suede in my opinion. Oh and not together! You don’t want to look like Cher for sure.

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