Project Runway Season 5. And Then There Were Three…Chicks Rule the Runway. Memorable Quotes from Last Night’s Episode.

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Yadda, yadda, yadda. The finale part 1 was the same formula…give the remaining designers $8,000 and two months to create 10 looks back at home. Then Tim Gunn pops in around the half-way mark to see how they are doing and to meet their family and friends. Maybe even go for a bike ride.

I couldn’t wait to see them all come back together in NY, frankly. Were Korto, Jerell and Leanne going to bitch-slap Kenley or forgive her? Well, this crowd is a bit more mature than season’s past and after a surprise, but rather lame apology from Kenley, all was cautiously forgiven and the champagne flowed.

The next day, and a week from the final runway show, the remaining designers were informed they had to create a bridesmaid dress with a budget of $150 to compliment the required wedding dress they had to create as one of the looks for their runway collection. Kenley and Korto were not pleased. Jerell could have cared less and Leanne was actually excited to show more of her waves. Tim Gunn was just thrilled to mention all the product placements (the Bluefly dot com studio, the Brother sewing machines, the L’Oreal Paris makeup room and the TreSemme hair salon…less we forget!)

Jerell thought bridesmaid’s dresses were hideous by nature and spent about 3 hours on his, Kenley freaked that the other girls copied her by shortening their dresses (even though Tim Gunn suggested it to both), Korto traded her signature bold color scheme for boring and blah, yet overworked beige and Leanne created a masterpiece. What can I say? I’m biased.

In the end, Jerell was called out for being garish and tacky and was sent packing. Too bad because we liked him, but had a faint feeling this would be the outcome. Kenely was simultaneously dissed for designing a McQueen copycat wedding gown and praised for her execution. Leanne was just praised and deservingly so. Korto was called out on the carpet for not editing, but got in by the skin of her teeth.

My money is on Leanne to take it, but Kenely has surprised us before.

Jerell_bridesmaid_dress                                   (The Bravo pictures of the final looks were really bad/lame. Sorry)

And on to the memorable quotes:

Typical Kenely. Rude as hell, I’m just glad the judges called her on it, but I really don’t think it’s going to change her. She’s still going to have that stinky attitude and whatever. – Korto

Please, do bring fire because I’m bringing pain.
– Jerell

I don’t know what these girls are going to do when they’re home with their $8,000, but I’m going to be constructing pure magic. – Jerell

Can I tell you what bothers me? Look at the shape of it. It gets a little sexual. I don’t want a snatch shot. – Tim Gunn about Korto’s design

I grew up drawing. I had a crayon in my hand as soon as I could pick one up. – Leanne

I do value Tim’s opinion even though it seems like I don’t
. – Kenely

I’m not thinking about what I can do to win. I’m thinking about what do I want to do that’s my dream? – Kenley

Back in NYC…

I just want to avoid all the drama. I’m going to mark my terriotry. – Leanne

Yes, go pee on it. – Korto to Leanne

I’m sleeping with Kenley? Yeah! – Jerell

I’ll check on you every now and then and make sure you have a pulse. – Korto

You might come check on me on the couch!
– Jerell

Ladies, get your stuff out and I’m gong tobe through to critique it in just a moment. All right? – Jerell

I’m the kind of designer where Iget all the materials I want to work with and then I let the materials kinda tell me what they want to become. – Jerell…a man who also talks to fruit.

I haven’t snapped on anybody yet. – Korto

You’re going to do it on me I already get it from you. You snapped on me at the last runway show – in the room! – Kenley

I snapped at you because you called me boring!
– Korto

At least I didn’t say you didn’t deserve to be there because of your personality. – Kenley

We all know that old Kenley is still under there, but she’s good in my book until she pisses me off again. – Korto letting bygones be bygones

It’s not the prettiest dress, but it’s a bridesmaid dress. Bridesmaids dresses are ugly. – Jerell

Jerell seems to think that the bridesmaid has to be butt ugly, but when I got married I wanted my girls to look pretty. There’s nothing wrong with your bridesmaids being cute ladies! – Korto with a plea to brides everywhere.

Whatever you do, don’t fight with mother nature. – Tim Gunn to Jerell

Or Nina Garcia. – Jerell in response

Let’s go lovely ladies and the rest of you too! – Jerell

I thought I was the only one doing a short bridesmaid dress, but today I noticed that Leanne and Korto shortened their bridesmaid dresses and knocked me off. It pissed me off! – Kenely, oh Kenley

After the show…

But these wings over her boobs, plus then the jeweled boobs, plus then the jewels under her boobs and then of course she’s got a flower pot growing out of her head. It’s a little garish. – Michael Kors to Jerell

I will tell you, the dress is a little Alexander McQueen – bothers me a touch quite honestly. – Michael Kors to Kenley

Even though I know it looks like the McQueen dress, it still looks like Kenley. – Michael Kors

I think it’s (the bridesmaid dress) crazy good. – Heidi to Kenley

Oh my gosh! Heidi, I love you! – Kenley

She’s kooky and meticulous at the same time. – Michael Kors about Kenley

All he does Heidi, is embellish things. – Nina Garcia about Jerell

You said hey, go hog wild, do whatever and boy he went HOG WILD! – Michael Kors about Jerell

Tear it up girls. It’s all good. – Jerell to the remaining three

From me you are going to get heavily adorned, opulent bits. That’s what I’m about. If you want a basic white tee, you just get one from Michael Kors. That’s just not what I do. – Jerell…meow!

It is my goal to be one of the world’s top designers. You know I see myself at 80 years old being invited to the Met for a retrospective of my life. I just want to leave like this legacy of like beautiful clothes that inspire people and I’m still going to do that. – Peace out Jerell

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Photos: Bravo TV

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