Did Someone Say FREE Core Fusion Sport Class At Exhale Spa?

October 10, 2008 • Lifestyle


Yes, go to Exhale Mind Body Spa at 945 N. State this week October 13-17 to try out  Exhale’s new Core Fusion® Sport class…for FREE!

Wednesday I had the opportunity to experience Exhale’s Core Fusion® Sport class myself. I thought I might like a class like this and knew I needed it! I used to take power yoga classes, but with a lack of free time have concentrated on free-weight exercise classes. I miss the stretching and breathing from yoga. This sounded like a good combination, and I was right.

We were lucky to receive the instruction of co-creator Fred DeVito, who verbally described for the first few minutes what to expect and how we could modify during the class. He swiftly coached us through what I would call "yoga squat thrusts", push-ups (don’t worry, you can use your knees) planks, lunges and twists all using the core ball.

I preferred using the core ball as I have carpel tunnel and this reduced the pressure on my wrists. I also felt safe and secure being instructed into yoga lunges and other positions while incorporating these movements. So often in a free-weights class I want to say "can I please stretch for just a moment?" or "will I hurt my knees or back doing this move?" Well-grounded and barefoot on a yoga mat, I had no fear of injury in this class.

"How did he get us to do that?" I actually said out loud after the first half hour, which incorporated cardio into strength moves at a rather brisk pace. Perhaps because Fred told us when to "inhale" and "exhale". The second half concentrated on strength. Everyone had an amazed look on their face at the end of the class as if to say "Wow, I did it!"

Overall, I thought this class was fabulous. It was a challenge, but you can modify. I felt it equally targeted all parts of my body and gave me a complete workout.

By the way…Exhale is spanking clean. (I noticed the smooth floor when my head was in "neutral" position). The spa offers facials, massages, acupuncture, manicures, pedicures and more. I thought it looked like a good place to plan a girlfriends spa retreat.

This week you can take this awesome class for free! Even if you belong to a health club, you may want to check this out since it is unique. And if you like it, there is no huge commitment. You can pay for a class at a time or get a series of classes to supplement your workouts.

Core Fusion® Sport
Debut week, October 13-17

Exhale Mind Body Spa
945 N. State Street

Free Classes Offered:
Monday at 3:20 pm
Tuesday at 1:15 pm
Wednesday at 7:05am
Thursday at 7:15pm
Friday at 3:20pm

It is recommended to call 312-753-6500 to reserve spot since these classes do fill up quickly. First come, first serve.

Exhale’s Description: Core Fusion® Sport is a total body shaping workout designed to help improve athletic performance. This one-hour class utilizes free weights, resistance bands and core balls in a combination of lateral and twisting movements. Mat-based abdominal exercises and periodic horizontal knee to chest lunges are incorporated to chisel and firm the arms, shoulders and back while focusing on the core to increase balance and flexibility. Periodic horizontal knee to chest lunges are also integrated into the workout for an added cardio element.

A combination of upbeat and settling music is used to create an atmosphere of relaxed and focused energy. The class concludes with a series of balance and flexibility exercises specifically designed to improve one’s range of movement, a useful tactic for enhancing athletic performance.   


– Carol Calacci

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