Jewelry/Bling. The Basics: What Every Woman Needs

October 10, 2008 • Accessories

Town & Country just published a handy dandy must-have jewelry box checklist in their October issue (yes, I was at the doctor’s office and read it). Mind you, Town & Country was probably thinking we all have an unlimited budget (because let’s face it, that’s their audience). But, times are tough and it got me thinking…why not supplement this list with great costume jewelry finds? Sure we all have our personal favorites and family heirlooms, but costume jewelry is all the rage right now and many of us are scrimping our pennies right now.

The best places to find great one-of-a-kind jewelry are flea-markets and estate sales. However, if you would rather look online Carolee offers some great affordable options as do sites like Emitations.

Town & Country’s list:

Wide cuff (gold, silver or a natural material) set with stones.
Art-Deco style diamond braceletDiamond_cuff

Stack of gold or colored bangles
1940’s style or vintage gold link bracelet

Art Deco style or diamond clips

Pearl studs or clips
Diamond studs
Old-mine-cut-diamond drops on French wire
Hoops (gold, silver, diamond)
Chandelier earrings with either diamonds or colored stones


Classic string of cultured pearls
Everyday necklace like a simple gold chain or bold pendant

Diamonds-by-the-yard necklace


Fancy cocktail ring
Fun, colorful, oversized everyday ring

Gold watch
Diamond watch
Stainless waterproof watch

Costume Alternatives  (nothing over $150) :


Shopping guide:
1. Stack of Bangles: Jalen’s Gold and Copper Bangle Bracelet Set $29.99

2. Gold Link: Goldtone Link Flex Bracelet $18

3. Wide Cuff w/stones: Carnelian and White Simulated Pearl Cuff Bracelet $125

4. Deco: Onyx and Crystal Rectangular Pavé Link Bracelet $195

5. Chandelier Earrings: Blue Olive and Smokey Topaz Crystal Stone Chandelier Earrings $125

6. Diamond French Wire: Antique Vintage Crystal Linear Chandelier Earrings $50

7. Hoops: Large Crystal Pave Baguette Hoops $65

8. Diamond Studs: Round CZ Stud Clip Earrings $35

9. Art Deco Brooch: Black Glass Bead and Crystal Deco Brooch $125

10. Oversized Everyday Ring: Venecia’s CZ & Black Enamel Scroll Ring $59.99

11. Fancy Cocktail Ring: Crystal Flower Ring $55

12. Pearl necklaces: Three Row White Simulated Pearl Necklace with Deco Inspired Clasp $150

13.  Antique Vintage Crystal and White Simulated Pearl Necklace $65

14. Everyday Necklace: Deco Crystal Rectangular Pendant Necklace $45

15. Diamonds by the Yard: Arja’s 18 in. CZs by the Yard Necklace $79

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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5 Responses to Jewelry/Bling. The Basics: What Every Woman Needs

  1. Meg says:

    Why are you acting like reading Town & Country is bad? T&C has great fashion spreads filled with special pieces. T&C is high fashion and meant for high-end consumers and as a fashion addict you should love that and not be shamed you read it at the doctors office!

  2. Lauren - SCS says:

    Good point. I’m not ashamed more than I don’t subscribe. I can only read so many magazines a month and have cut back since I used to literally bring armloads to the gym to share!
    Town & Country is great. I love checking out the society weddings 🙂
    Hate to admit, I traded T&C for Vanity Fair.

  3. Those are just amazing. I love all of them! They’re very exquisite, very intricate and some of the pieces are timeless like the pearls and stones. Those are very good choices.

  4. Sher says:

    Thanks for the info! I also have a large article bank for info on estate jewelry.

  5. Anon says:

    These is what every woman dream of, to have a huge box full of diamonds and crystal jewelries. Lucky for those who can afford it but for those who cannot, their are lots of replica jewelries available at fancy stores. Just be careful and aware for this kind of jewelries to avoid some problems.

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