WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

October 10, 2008 • Celebrity Style

I don’t know about you, but with the economy in a tailspin I could use a good laugh! Especially one that has to do with celebrity fashion mishaps.

Carmen Electra at the "Disaster Movie" premiere in Rome.

Talk about a disaster! This dress, to coin a Michael Kors phrase is "tacky, tacky, tacky." On the bright side her shoes are kickin’.

She’s thinking: I may be approaching my forties, but who says I can’t dress like I’m 23?

Famke Janssen with her
dog Licorice in NYC

News flash…this outfit does not match. We get floral pattern with stripes were on the runway, but somewhere in there one of the colors needs to match, not just black. Then she pairs it with salmon shoes? Did she dress in the dark? If ever there was a case for hiring a stylist, this would be it. She needs help. The dog is cute, however.

She’s thinking: My dog picked out my outfit.

Tara Reid at the
Padres Contra El Cancer’s 8th Annual "El Sueno De Esperanza" Benefit
Gala in

First of all, what was she doing there? Second, we love the dress, but Tara manages to always look like a hot mess, no? Case in point, her hair! Couldn’t she have styled it a bit? How about a sleek bun or ponytail? Also the dress should be a tad shorter (just above the knee) and she could have paired it with a better shoe, like a platform sandal.

She’s thinking: Where’s the bar?

Ashley Tisdale at the High School Musical 3: Senior Year UK Premiere in London

We get it. Ashley likes silver and grey, because that’s all she seems to wear these days! Something about this dress and pose really bothers me. It’s like she is uncomfortable being a young adult and happier being 10. So when you are miserable in your clothes or with yourself…this is what you get.

She’s thinking: I am so freaking cute, but I would so much rather be on my Huffy with my old nose.

Lilly Allen the Saatchi Gallery Launch Party in London.

Business on top, stripper on the bottom. What’s with this combination? Upon further scrutiny I see this is a tux suit with a vest, however it looks so matronly on her. Then there are the shoes that are so bad, they’re bad. I get it, maybe she was serving the crowd! In which ways, we can’t be certain.

She’s thinking: I hate Katy Perry. Where’s the bar?

Clea DuVall at a store opening in L.A.

Who shows up to an event where there is even a remote possibility of being photographed looking like this? This is an outfit best saved for a 17 year-old or a run to Target. At least we hope she bought something from that rack behind her.

She’s thinking: Dude. I am so overdressed for this. My agent made me come. He was afraid nobody knew who I was, OK?

Photo: WireImage

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