Branding the Bootie

October 12, 2008 • Magazine

Branding the Bootie

Branding the Bootie

Sun, 2008-10-12 03:00

Rachel Yeomans

It is officially fall. Which means, it is officially time to pack away the open-toed pumps and sandals and unwrap the knee-high boots and tights. It is also a very convenient time to peruse potential new purchases.

I recently made by very first fall footwear purchase; and I must say, I am addicted to this current trend of the mini-boot, otherwise known as the bootie.

I always found something disenchanting about the ankle boot — the compromise between the pump and the knee-high boot that sometimes mimicked a Witches of Eastwick theme. However with the introduction of the bootie into this current fall season, I believe we have a fashion movement on our hands…or better yet, feet.

What I love most about the bootie is that it provides a clean line from leg to shoe, versus the ankle boot that bunches around the leg. That look can also be very fashionable, but more prone for casual weekend-wear—not so much for work-wear. Sometimes even the knee-high boot at the office can walk a fine line on the corporate dress code. It is very refreshing to have another shoe/boot option on my wardrobe for the more brisk months ahead besides the monotonous pumps.

And even better, they are everywhere!

Walking through DSW, I was overwhelmed by how many booties were scattered throughout the aisles. And in the department stores, the bootie was more prominent than the flat. I admit, I would be relieved to see more women sporting this new chic footwear option versus the overdone UGG. The UGG and knee-high boot definitely serve their purpose of the over-the-skinny-jean look; but for the boot-cut pant or the wide-legged trousers, bring on the bootie!

1. Dior Deco Bootie
2. Jean Paul Gaultier Metallic Bootie with Tooled Applique
3. Christian Louboutin Trottinette Ankle Boots
4. & 4a. Chloe Raised Leaf Boots
5. Alexander McQueen Bow-Back Ankle Boots
6. Giuseppe Zanotti Mirror Embellished Ankle Boots
7. Miu Miu Lightning Bolt Heel Boots

Image Layout: Jessica Piraro

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