Project Runway Season 5. The Year of the Women. Memorable Quotes from the Final Episode.

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Well, friends… we’ve finally made it to the end. Reality-TV-wise, there were really no fireworks last night. Kenley didn’t totally lose it with our sage Tim Gunn, and when he was announced as the replacement judge, she actually admitted she might have needed to edit her attitude. Korto didn’t have a complete meltdown when she added two looks at the last minute, and she managed to mention Africa in a way that acknowledged that she talks about Africa approximately 300 times an episode. Leanne didn’t cause any controversy, which really isn’t anything new for her… but she did look more like a sad hipster than ever. In all honestly, the finale probably would have been a lot more fun if Jerell had been around… or Jeffrey Sebelia, or Wendy Pepper, or Santino Rice.

However, the three ladies definitely put on quite a show in the Bryant Park tents. It was interesting for me, who (sort of) saw the show in New York weeks ago, to finally see how the collections translated on TV. The close-ups of the materials and critiques (or lack there of) by the judges definitely gave some more perspective to the event.

Take Kenley’s looks. From afar in the tents, they looked colorful, interesting, and original. But under the closer scrutiny of the cameras, I thought her painting looked amateurish and a lot of the bold-shouldered looks seemed off-kilter and unintentionally asymmetrical. Plus, who knew she was knocking off other designers right and left?


Kenley vs. Alexander McQueen


Kenley vs. Balenciaga

Then, there was Korto. Her pieces seemed immaculately fitted and well made in New York. And many of them maintained that impression last night! Who knew that two of my favorite pieces of hers were made the day before? The long gown she created hours before the Bryant Park show, with the diagonal strap across the back, certainly didn’t seem hastily made in NYC, but you could tell it wasn’t perfect on the model as the camera followed her down the runway. The colors, incorporated jewelry, and, above all, the flattering fits were as true in person as they were on TV! I have said many a time now that Korto may not have deserved the win, but I would definitely want to wear her clothes the most.


And finally Leanne. While the color story was… well… totally freaking boring, the movement and modernity of her pieces definitely warranted the win. Nina had concerns that Leanne would have struggled to design a 40 piece collection with her aesthetic, but I forcefully disagree. I think a 40 piece collection would allow Leanne to explore the subtleties that the "Petals Marshall" show last night lacked (and maybe add a few more hues to the color palette!). Something I missed in NYC, though, were the horrible white patent belts she styled some of her looks with. Those were really doing nothing for me. But if you want to talk vision, Leanne has loads of that, and her innovative eye is what scored her the victory.


Ultimately, the lack of Reality-TV fireworks carried on right through the end of the episode– as glad as I was to see Leanne win, I also would have loved to see her celebrate with more than a halfhearted smile and a skip past the silhouette-making-screen! Scream, yell, make overconfident statements about how you knew you had it in the bag the whole time (…Christian Siriano)! For the final show of the season and very possibly the final show of the series, we’re feeling a little shortchanged at SCS. Here’s to hoping that there is a reunion show that really brings the fire! 

Memorable Quotes:

I kinda like that alien-ish look. – Leanne

It’s really annoying when Kenley is telling me which models I should pick. Focus on your own models! – Leanne

I guess I’m perplexed how this rope strangles the organic nature of what’s happening here. For me it begs the question, why this rope’s (here) at all. It looks arbitrary. It looks contrived. – Tim Gunn about Kenley’s dress.

Tim doesn’t like the rope. I do. So I’m leaving it. My decisions are final! – Kenley

They called (it) a knock -off? Well they’ve done that four times to me already and I’m sick of it! It’s insulting and I did not take my work from anyone else! – Kenley

I don’t give an F what they say about… – Kenley about the judges

I’ve listened to what they have said about overdesigning. I don’t want to be in that conversation with Nina and Heidi again. – Korto

Kenely, since you’re almost done why don’t you whip up my other dresses for me? Come on, be a pal! – Korto

Leanne doesn’t know how to use color. I think it’s a little boring. – Kenley or Leann’s collection.

Kenley’s line looks really Holly Hobby. It’s just like, you know, somebody’s child has been like painting all over Kenley’s collection. It looks really, really, amateurish. – Leanne

It’s really risky doing two new looks, but I want to not win and be like, woulda, shoulda, coulda. – Korto

Thank God Jesus! – Korto

Go poop on Kenley and Korto’s collection now. – Leanne to Sophie (the dog)

Tia. She goes over and tries to pick up the poop while she’s still in the evening gown. I can’t even imagine explaining that to the judges. That there’s dog crap on the evening gown. – Leanne

Last year I snuck into the tents, so…and got kicked out right away, but… – Kenley

My dad had a lot of influence in my collection and I think he’s going to think that’s rad as hell. – Kenley

No one touches my clothes. They don’t know how to iron painted fabric. I’m the only one that does that. – Kenley

Suck in Topacio! – Kenley insuring another model has an eating disorder!

Are you kidding? OK. Maybe I should have improved my attitude. – Kenley learning that Tim Gunn was a final judge (Karma’s a bitch, beotch)

Don’t I look hot? – Korto on the runway (cute)

I think everyone that has good taste liked it. – Kenley talking to a reporter after the show

The only problem that I have to be honest – that dress you had with the flowers. It reminded me very much of Balenciaga. – Nina Garcia to Kenley

Yeah, it’s a cousin. – Added Michael Kors

Can I just tell you one thing? It is necessary to know what’s going on. – Michael Kors to Kenley

Welcome to fashion show hell! – Michael Kors to Leanne

I’m just nervous that you’re going to be known as ‘Queen of the Petals.’ You’re going to be Petals Marshall which sounds like a stripper, not a designer! – Michael Kors to Leanne.

She needs to take a fashion history course, frankly. – Tim Gunn about Kenely

No one likes to be called a copy cat when they know they’re a true artist. And it kills me that’s what they think. I think it’s bullshit. – Kenley

Am I said? Yes. Am I disappointed? Hell yes! This definitely isn’t the last of Korto, but at this very moment…my heart is bleeding. – Korto

One hundred thousand dollars – drinks are on this brother! – Leanne

Till next time!

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