WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

October 17, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Like a gift from the Gods, my prayers were answered! After a few boring weeks there was so much horrid celebrity fashion this week I had an impossibly hard time editing. So I didn’t. The list is long. So enjoy.

Let’s start with the color black. Normally this is a hard color to screw up, but some did with spectacular results…

Nicole Scherzinger of
the Pussycat Dolls at an Xbox Sounds event in Sydney, Australia.

Meow! This dominatrix outfit is so tight. And look, she has a rope (whip) around her neck! Rule of thumb…wear patent accessories, not clothes. The shoes don’t match either. If you are going to wear this outfit at the very least wear some spiky black heels.

She’s thinking: Want to hang with me boys?

Tichina Arnold at the "Max Payne" Los Angeles premiere L.A.

From head-to-toe this look is a miss. In fact, I feel like I am looking at a red-carpet shot taken in 1986. Too much leather and too tacky. Nuff said.

She’s thinking: Tonight I’m going to party like it’s 1999.

Malin Akerman at a screening of "Filth and
Wisdom" in NYC

Gorgeous girl, hideous dress. Yes, that’s flesh you are seeing. Not so much.

She’s thinking: Wait, did you see this part?

Star Jones at the
Saks launch of the 10th Annual Key To The Cure Charity Shopping Weekend
in NYC

Too short and too tight. What else is new?

She’s thinking: I can’t breathe!

Beyonce outside of MTV’s TRL in NYC

At first glance I seriously thought this was Tyra. They are becoming the same person! Yowza! Those are some serious thighs. Look, mine are not in peak form these days either which is why you would never catch me in leggings with a short ruffle top. Talk about adding junk to your trunk!

She’s thinking: I can’t believe Perez Hilton calls me a tranny. I don’t get it!

Virginia Bates at the Sarah Moon exhibition in London.

Who’s afraid of Virginia Bates? I am! That’s a whole lot of look and lace! Too many ruffles with a too long floral overcoat? Who wears their pajamas in public? I mean adults of course. The belt, the necklace, the purple suede booties…it’s all too much!

She’s thinking: No, I didn’t just roll out of bed and grabbed a housecoat!

Black and White done wrong…

Katie Holmes at the opening night after party for her play "All My Sons" in NYC

She may be getting great reviews for her acting, but not for this outfit! I’m at a loss, really. A white Hammer-time silk jumpsuit over black lace? Am I seeing this correctly? Tom really is turning her into an alien!

She’s thinking: It’s so hard to be so misunderstood.

Now on to some more colorful mishaps…

Heidi Klum in Santa Monica

Oh how I love this! Heidi’s having a fashion mishap. Who ever thought that possible? The woman who usually looks amazing wearing anything really blew it this time. I don’t get this combination at all. It doesn’t match…not even close.

She’s thinking: OK, so I’m having an auf day!

Alejandra Guzman at the 7th Annual "Los Premios MTV Latin America
2008" Awards in Mexico.

Ciaro? Hoochie Coochie! Talk about a lot of look! This outfit is an abomination on so many levels. It’s too stringy, unflattering and too short! The shoes are not helping matters either. Unless you are a size zero, back away from the fringe.

She’s thinking: Estoy tan caliente maldita!


Anna Maria Perez de
at the L.A. premiere of "High School Musical 3"

For an 18 year-old this outfit is all wrong. It’s too old and cheap looking. However, she still has time to figure out she needs a stylist, so all hope is not lost. She looks so uncomfortable. It’s sad actually. Don’t even get me started on the hair…or the shoes!

She’s thinking: Why does everyone tell me I look like Lindsay Price from the 90210 years?

Here’s a surprise!

Juliette Lewis at the
screening of "Filth and Wisdom" in NYC

It’s not so much a surprise that she’s here, because she is…a lot. But Juliette looks great! Which is truly shocking. So I had to give her props for a job well done! We didn’t know she had it in her. Now the bar and our expectations are raised. Kudos.

She’s thinking: I’m so pretty!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: WireImage

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