It’s Your Turn to Vote Mid-West Fashion Mavens! Fashion Decision ’08

October 20, 2008 • Fashion


Bluefly has just launched a fun initiative called "Fashion Decision ’08". Fashion questions will be posed related to what is happening in the
election when it comes to fashion. You get a chance to cast your vote much like the electoral college. When you vote, you will be prompted to enter the region
you are from.

Second City Style has been chosen as the official local representative of the mid-west region and will make commentary and pundits on who rocked the look best from a mid-west perspective and will be encouraging all (no matter where you are from) to vote for your choice.

The results are then displayed on a map like they do with the red/blue political straw polls. Don’t worry, this is fashion focused and not political! Some questions may relate to what a candidate wore (or their spouses) or even something like who did it better on SNL – Tina Fey or Amy Poehler.

Let’s take the above photos for starters. Which potential first lady wore the other parties colors better? Personally I think Cindy McCain knocked this one out of the park. Blue is her color and I’m a sucker for a good suit. While Michelle Obama is the bomb when it comes to wearing affordable fashion (and mid-west designers like Maria Pinto) this shade of red falls flat on her.

Second City Style is for the Freedom of Fashion, so get voting!

Disclaimer: The goal is to have fun. Second City Style will not express our political views (we don’t play that game)!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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