Fall Trend Alert! Feather Hair Accessories

October 21, 2008 • Accessories


Kenely aside, I am really into feather hair accessories right now. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune! Etsy and Urban Outfitters have many affordable options. I bought a navy blue feather headband last week and absolutely adore it! It’s so retro, yet so current!

Shopping guide:

1. Jennifer Behr Large Feather Headband $425

2. Jennifer Behr Grande Feather Flower Hair Pin $140

3. Emerald Peacock Feather Headband $38

4. Crystal Plumage Hair Clip $24

5. Plumage Headband $24

6. Crystal Plumage Hairclip $18

7. Alex and Ani Phoenix Feather Headband $58

8. Alex and Ani Thunderbird Feather Pony-O $38

9. Alex and Ani Phoenix Wide Feather Headwrap $68

10. Alex and Ani Pheonix Thin Feather Headwrap $48

11. Charm School Design Snow-tipped Browns Headband or Clip $32

12. Refined Society Feather Crown $22.40

13. Feather Brain BASIE Brown and White Feather Headband $32

14. Wild Spirits Fantastic Peacock Eye Headband $84

15. Feather Brain ETTA Green Feather Headband $32

16. Wild Spirits Beautiful Peacock and Parrot Barrette $30

— Lauren Dimet Waters

Image: Carol Calacci

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13 Responses to Fall Trend Alert! Feather Hair Accessories

  1. i love this look!!! 🙂

  2. kalla vieaux says:

    I love it! I’ve actually got my pink feather clip from Urban Outfitters on today! See it here!

  3. Budzy says:

    These are ridiculously easy to make. I made an EXACT duplicate of #13 for 6 dollars…just a black patent target headband, krazyglue, and that same feather patch from Michael’s craft store.
    I lurve these.

  4. AS says:

    These are great headbands! I found a new store online called Esti Headbands. Go to http://www.estiheadbands.com for the new fashion trend! Feather headbands – beautifully crafted and worth every cent. I bought a few of them and get complimented all the time! I saw similar ones in Lucky and OK and People magazines. These magazines say that feather headbands are number three of the top ten fashion trends for the fall 2008 and winter 2009. I find Esti Headbands to be plentiful and so beautiful! Check it out! http://www.estiheadbands.com

  5. AS says:

    These are really pretty. There is another website that I found where I found beautiful and unique feather headbands. They say that they sell to Patricia Fields (they sell to movie sets like Sex in The City and Shopaholic) in NYC. I own a few of these “Esti Headbands. Here is the website – it’s great! http://www.estiheadbands.com

  6. AS says:

    We are having a sale at Esti Headbands!
    Please go to http://www.estiheadbands.com in the shop section, chose a headband that is in stock – the sale ranges from $5.00 to $10.00 off!
    Esti Headbands is now sold at:
    Foley + Corinna and Patricia Fields in New York City.
    If you have ordered an Esti Headband in the past, feel free to send us a picture of you so we can add it to the website. Thank you!
    We appreciate those who have sent us their beautiful pictures!

  7. maria huaroto says:

    Love the ones that are not so big! I am for the simple classic look. I just got a great hair clip it’s a zannclip, I saw it in Glamour magazine a couple of months ago. It is the cooles it comes in 24k gold plate and platinum I got both to match my jewelry! Check it out zannclip.com

  8. AS says:

    Hey Feather Headband lovers! I want to let you all know that Esti Headband has a sale going on right now! We have extended our “free shipping and handling” sale! This saves you a substantial amount of money for these beautifully crafted feathered headbands. We have added feathered clips as well in all different styles. Please visit us at http://www.estiheadbands.com – you won’t be sorry! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  9. #2 is so wonderful! Are they made from real feathers? Looks really good but makes me sad to think they are from birds. =(

  10. I am interested in buy feathers for headbands, however I live in México so, I want to know if you sell the feathers, and if you are able to send it here in Mexico.
    I will really appreciate your attention to this e-mail.
    Thanks, Betty.

  11. I appreciate it very much, at least I know from it someone is reading the contents I have here.

  12. Amber says:

    Nice. I like the feathers but I definitely prefer the more subtle look for myself.

  13. Maggie says:

    how long has this trend been going on? I live in Barcelona and haven’t seen it. I went last week to my natal Monterrey in Mexico and saw it everywhere! I wore one here in Barcelona today and everyone loved it at work!!

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