Finds on a Dime. The Suit Before the Salary: Saving on Work Attire

October 22, 2008 • Fashion


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

A good friend of mine recently went against the grain of our
country’s current economic state and acquired a job. Yet amidst
celebratory toasts, she admitted that she had nothing to wear to her new place of employment
she has been an artist by trade for years. Now she works from 9-5 in
the corporate world of suits and pumps. She is planning a shopping
venture to begin creating her new office wardrobe, but considering she
would like some items before her first day and her pay check doesn’t
result until after her first two weeks, she is feeling the strain of the fashion budget.

To assist in my friend’s new collection of clothing, I’ve laid out
some ground rules that could lend her fewer pieces to go the furthest
distance, along with some inexpensive items I’ve stumbled on along the

1. The universal rule: Mix and match. Start with two pairs of slacks and two blazers. You can add one matching skirt for more options, but just with this, you can switch these items for a whole work week.
Plus, you don’t have to wear the fancy blouse under the jacket — don a
boat-neck t-shirt or camisole (just remember to not remove the jacket
during the work-day as that would most certainly challenge the dress
* One thought on this topic — when purchasing slacks, you may want to
consider shopping for quality over price. Good quality pants can last a
lot longer (and through growing paychecks) than a pair kept together by
fabric and thread alone, and make a large difference in look. Poorly
made pants are much more noticeable than the chic deal of an H&M
blouse any day.

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