The Great Lengths We Go Through For Luxurious Hair

October 26, 2008 • Magazine

The Great Lengths We Go Through For Luxurious Hair

The Great Lengths We Go Through For Luxurious Hair

Sun, 2008-10-26 02:00

Natayle Henry

The popularity of hair enhancement techniques has grown exponentially over the years. From weaves to wigs, infusions to glued in “tracks,” the phenomenon has finally given women the opportunity to have the hair of their dreams. But with so many options, what’s a girl to do? As some of these techniques potentially cause damage to one’s natural hair, it’s imperative to know what’s out there and possible side effects. Great Lengths Artistic Director, Darren Brokaw, explains how hair extensions can enhance your look without damage to your hair.

1. How are the extensions attached? Are there different methods? If so, what are they? What type of method would you recommend for fine hair? Curly hair? Coarse hair? Ethnic Hair?

When you decide to try Great Lengths Extensions, your first step is to meet with a Great Lengths Certified stylist for a consultation. Once the desired result is determined, your stylist will be able to determine the colors, length and quantity of strands that are needed. Single strands are applied approximately 1.5 cm distance from the scalp by either the Classic or Ultrasonic machines. Assuming lengthening your hair is the objective, the average application time is 4 to 6 hours. All Great Lengths methods are designed for every hair type. Therefore, the “appropriate” method is not based upon hair “type,” rather it is based upon desired result.

There are three methods of application: 3200 Thermal System (The Original), Ultrasonic 5000 (The Next Level) and Air Pressure Multi-Strand Hair Transfer System. The Great Lengths 3200 applicator tong is heated on one side with a temperature equal to the lowest setting on a standard curling iron. This heat is used to mold your natural hair for a clean and precise application. Ultrasonic 5000 is a “cold fusion” method that attaches hair via ultrasonic wave. This method can produce amazing results giving the flexibility of creating flat or round bond attachments. This allows placement in areas previous off limits because the attachment sites are so discreet. The Air Pressure system attaches 5 bonds at once with the click of a button. A flawless application, this method is especially favorable for color effects, zonal volumizing and hair design enhancement.

2. Are they safe for your natural hair? What should one look for when seeking a professional stylist to do this service?

The Great Lengths application methods are the most gentle available. The Great Lengths bond is a synthesized keratin protein polymer that is designed to mimic the structure of human hair and has the ability to expand and contract with ones natural hair. This is another patented feature exclusive to Great Lengths. Equally important is the quality and skill of the stylist performing the application. To that end, Great Lengths has the professional industries toughest criteria for certification and criteria to maintain that certification. Great Lengths is proud to be the only professional hair extension company that has been repeatedly recognized by the professional industry as the “Professional’s Choice” for product and technical education quality. Many Great Lengths clients will excitedly tell you, their natural hair is actually healthier than ever as it’s the extensions that take the brunt of daily maintenance vs. their natural hair.

3. How are they removed?

This is a very important question as most clients do not realize that when damage occurs it is typically during the removal process. This is due to inappropriate removal tools and toxic, harmful removal solutions. Unlike glue or wax bonded systems that use acetone to remove their bonds, Great Lengths removal solutions (there are two formulas, one liquid, one gel) have an all natural grain base that has no negative effect on hair or scalp. Our professionally designed and proven removal tools also help to guarantee a gentle, damage free removal process is always the result.

4. What type of hair is used?

Great Lengths utilizes only 100% human hair of the finest quality collected from Indian Temples. Traditionally, many Indian faithful pay tribute to their God or Goddess by going to the Temples for ceremonial sacrifices of their hair. This has been in practice long before the hair extension demands of today’s marketplace. Before such a demand, the Temples sold the hair for many uses, such as mattresses. Temple hair is one of the only sources available for virgin hair that has never been treated. These are qualities that are absolutely necessary for an appropriate, tangle free blend with ones natural hair. Further, there is an ample supply that is needed to meet the global Great Lengths market need. Great Lengths is the only system that must utilize “virgin” hair. As a bonus the money generated by the sale of hair from the Temples funds local schools, medical facilities, orphanages and a host of other civic functions important to the communities in which the Temples are located.

5. How long do they last? How often should they be touched up?

Great Lengths recommends that the extensions be removed and replaced every 3 to 5 months. This 2 month variance is based upon the state of the clients’ natural hair, lifestyle, etc. Unlike most extension methods, no touch up is needed. We do strongly recommend that any chemical work be performed by a professional, for example no home color and you should only use professional grade shampoos, conditioners and finishing products.

6. What’s the cost?
Great Lengths Extension services cost can vary greatly as there are a wide array of variables. Cost will be based upon the desired result and the state of the client’s natural hair. For example, three of the most popular Great Lengths services are lengthening, volumizing and dimensional color effects and each requires different amounts of Great Lengths hair and application times varying from 1 to 6 hours in general. The density of the client’s natural hair is another factor. Those with thicker, fuller hair will require more Great Lengths hair and application time.

On average, a Great Lengths “lengthening” service is approximately $2500 utilizing the Great Lengths 16” strands. Great Lengths are available in 8”, 12” 16” 18” 20” and 24” lengths.

7. Are there any styles you can not wear with Great Lengths? How should hair be treated?

Typical Great Lengths applications are very versatile when it comes to styling. With exception to “special needs” applications that are to correct hair challenges, it can be styled as the wearer chooses. Up, back, down, straight, curly all are options for clients utilizing the styling tools you’re used to using on your natural hair. Unlike most extension systems, styling tools, care and styling products are NOT off limits. Great Lengths truly becomes “your hair” and can be treated as such. A thorough Great Lengths Extension Care Guide is available at

8. Are they visible?
No one will notice a difference in your natural hair and the Great Lengths Extensions, except for the effect of longer, thicker hair. With exception to “special needs” applications that are to correct significant hair challenges, Great Lengths can be styled as you wish since the attachment sites are very discreet. Here is what you can expect…running your hand over the surface of your hair and you will feel nothing, run your fingers up from the nape, at the scalp and you will feel the tiny attachment sites.

Whether you choose Great Lengths or another hair enhancement method make sure you do your homework and purchase products that will help maintain your new do.

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