It’s Your Turn to Vote Mid-West Fashion Mavens! Fashion Decision ’08

October 27, 2008 • Fashion


While this is a no brainer (I am a sucker for a tie-less button-down with a great suit), Barack Obama does not look very presidential (however, he looks fantastic!). This is a hard one for me to call! Too bad we have to vote by these pictures because just today I saw news footage of Obama looking dashing in a dark suit, white shirt and gunmetal tie. Meanwhile McCain was wearing a casual plaid shirt and navy bomber jacket which would make my vote the reverse. However, judging by these pictures I think I have to go with John McCain, because I prefer my president in a crisp French blue shirt and a TIE! I want my president to dress like the leader of the free world! I am sure I will be in minority on this one.

What’s your opinion? Rock your vote!

Second City Style is for the Freedom of Fashion, so get voting!

Disclaimer: The goal is to have fun. Second City Style will not express our political views (we don’t play that game)!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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