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October 27, 2008 • Beauty


Salon 1800 will celebrate its grand opening on November 21st. I personally enjoyed a wonderful spa day there recently, so I know why there is good reason to celebrate!

The lofty space is huge with soaring ceilings. It is modern and edgy with clean design softened with soothing natural earth tones. To get to the spa the friendly staff directed me up a large flight of stairs. I felt like I was running late, but everyone immediately calmed me down with an overall easy going attitude. I was directed to a changing room and given a plush robe and slippers.


First I had a 90 minute massage with Elizabeth. She asked me if I had anything in particular that needed work, or if I had any injuries. When I "woke up" she told me she doesn’t necessarily do Swedish or Deep Tissue, but gives people just what they need! I noticed. I liked how she carefully worked my joints as well. She noticed my very dry skin and prescribed me to drink more water and then we discussed heavy duty body lotions. She recommended Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength for itchy dry skin. (1 hour massage $90)

Next I met with Evelyn for a facial. She was so easy to talk too as well. I am not a huge fan of facials (sometimes I don’t like all of the steam and fragrances) and peels and scrubs bother me, so she talked me through everything that she was doing. It was a very pleasant experience. The fragrances were all light and pleasant. We discussed products and she prescribed some Dermalogica products for my particular needs. (Facial $90, Ultimate Hydration facial $110 )


The last appointment I had was with Becki for a hair analysis and Redken Chemistry System Conditioning treatment. Back down the stairs to what now became a busy crowd. Her assistant Molly was given "the formula" for my hair type. She put one product on, washed that one off, and then put on another one, all while I was able to read a magazine! And in 15 minutes I had softer hair. I could feel that while my hair was while it was still wet. (Conditioning treatment $20)

Then it was back to Becki for a cut and blow dry. She was so upbeat and friendly. She told me she loves their new space because they have 20 seats and the space is so open that they can work together and consult with one another. Besides having  fun chatting with Becki — she also gave me some styling tricks! For my hair (normal, somewhat fine) she recommended a round natural boar’s hair brush and also to use the adapter on the blow dryer. Ew, I thought! She said yes, it takes some getting used to, but it directs more heat to one area for control. She was directing it downward on smaller areas over the brush, to give my hair a shiny flat iron look, without the iron. Then she gave me her "sexy swoop" trick. She blew my side parted hair in the opposite direction, so that then the long bang fell in a nice shape when placed back in the natural direction. Oh, and we were also "cocktailing". No I don’t mean having drinks, but I sure sounded like we were. She showed me how she combines products. For me she used Redken’s "Body Full" with "Satin Wear" which she said is a great "cocktail mixer". (Cut and Blow Dry $65)

Becky has taught classes to stylists and stay tuned – she wants to hold some boot camp classes at Salon 1800 that everyone can attend; one on blow-dry styling, and one on up-do styling! She said it is good if you are out of town and need to wear you hair up you can do it yourself… instead of winding up with some crazy bouffant!

— Carol Calacci

Salon 1800

Salon 1800:  Lincoln Park –  New Location!
1133 West Armitage Avenue
Chicago, IL   60614-4101

Salon 1800: Old Town
157 West North Avenue
Chicago, IL   60610-1314

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