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October 28, 2008 • Beauty


With so many different eyeshadow brushes on the market, all with different shapes, widths, and textures the question remains, how do you know which eye brush to use? That’s the question most ask when looking for the perfect brushes. Well there is good news! Most eye shadow brushes are universal and can be used for a multitude of purposes. Here I will list some of the best eyeshadow brushes, that can be used to complete any eye look you desire. No need in spending countless hours pondering. With only a few tools and some pro tips, you too can pass Eye Brush 101.

1.All-Over Shadow Brush – This large wonder brush can be used on the entire lid to apply base shades. Use to apply color from the lid to the brow bone. One of the most universal eye brushes available.

2. Angle Eyeshadow Brush
– This natural brush can be used for overall concentrated color application and blending. Also, great for contouring the crease area.

3. Crease Brush– This brush is used just for that, the crease. With its rounded head it makes for easier blending in the crease area of the eye. Great for applying darker eyeshadow color to create dimension and definition.

4. Smudge Brush–  Its small head allows you to get in the areas just under your eye and above your eyelid to smudge your eye pencil or shadow. Great for creating smokey eyes, or for natural definition to your eyes.

5. Flat Eye Liner Brush – One of my favorite brushes for versatility. You can use this brush to apply cake liner, as well as wet and dry shadows, or eyeliner. It allows for great precision. I also use this brush when creating defined eyebrows. I take a lighter concealer of choice, and line just under the eyebrow, to create sharpness and a ‘just tweezed’ look. Great for cleanups!

6. Eyebrow Angle Brush – This brush is perfect for defining brows with powder. I like this brush because it is soft and does not create an obvious ‘drawn on brow’. This gently fills in sparse areas with just the right amount of color without looking over done. Use the tip to create a sharp ending to the brow. This brush may also be used in the corner of the eyes to place highlighting colors.

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– Kelley D. Woods, Beauty Writer

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