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October 28, 2008 • Fashion


Jacqueline Zenn for Second City Style Magazine

Your Halloween costume doesn’t have to be the style version of a
scary story. Despite the current trend for wearing pretty much anything
as long as it is revealing and a little trashy – or as I call it, the
“sexy whatever” look. Celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to be an
occasion for dressing like the long lost sixth Pussycat Doll. It is indeed possible to wear a costume and still look stylish – and you might even be able to put it together out of items you already own. 

Jungle Cat: Do you own anything leopard, cheetah, or tiger print, ideally a slinky top or dress like this Diane Von Furstenberg
number? Pick up some cat ears and add some dramatic eye makeup, and
you’re in business. Some long feline-esque nails and shoes that make
you strut are also good additions. Good for: Leos, cat-lovers, and those of us who have never met an animal print they didn’t like.

Carmen Sandiego/Spy:  If you have a tailored coat like this Cyndi Chan trench,
a pair of sleek boots, and some big sunglasses you are all set. Tuck
some maps into your pocket along with a gadget or two (hey, your
Blackberry can be part of your costume) and practice your new faux
accent – you are an international woman of mystery. Good for:
girls who grew up loving James Bond, Mata Hari, or any of the other
characters who made espionage glamorous, city chicks who refuse to put
effort into Halloween but are attending events where costumes are

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