News Flash! Men’s Vogue is Cooked?

October 30, 2008 • Fashion


They are dropping like flies! According to Perez Hilton (and I believe everything he says), Men’s Vogue is done. Staffers were just alerted by the publishers. Don’t men care about fashion?

It’s a sign of the times. Print is dead. Long live the Internet.

This just in: WWD just sent a news flash of their own. Men’s Vogue is scaling back to two issues per year and its operations are being folded back into
Vogue. Jay Fielden will remain editor of the men’s issues, which will
be published in spring and fall. The fates of the editorial staff remains unclear at this time.

magazine employed about 40 staff members on the editorial side, plus
contributing editors, and a comparable number on the business side. Ad sales were down 11% this year. Ouch.

Here is more from NYMag on the subject.

Sources: Perez Hilton & WWD

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