The Wicked Truth. I Am In Costume Every Day.

October 31, 2008 • Fashion


I am a bit of a stick-in-the-mud when it comes to Halloween. I guess I like the part about dressing up, but I hate the part about scaring one another, bloody and gory back-from-the-dead concepts, and how people’s personalities change with what they are wearing. I’m no fun at all.

However, when getting dressed for work today, I remembered that Trick-Or-Treaters may be coming to the office. So "for the sake of the children", I decided to throw on something that may be fitting for Halloween.

In my closet earlier today: I see a bell shaped sleeve lace-up corseted black satin blouse. That should do. Or should I wear my other black flare sleeved chiffon top, or the sweater with that same shape? Or the other blouse or then there’s that other black top? I suddenly realized, I have a lot of what I will call "witch inspired" or "vampire" pieces in my closet! In fact, I could close my eyes and grab just about anything, and put on one of the dozen or so black wide buckeled belts I have, a pair of black boots and call it a Halloween day.

The scary truth is…I don’t need a "costume" for Halloween…I dress like this every day! I really didn’t know this about myself until today. I mean this is like Stevie Nicks and I could own a boutique together and neither of us would mind if the other went solo on a buying trip. Eeek!

And which pair of black boots from my collection should I go with? (Witch pair?)
I knew there was good reason to keep some of my severely pointed Sergio Rossi’s Vicini‘s ands LeSilla‘s. ( …I have maybe twenty or so of those to choose from.)

So now, all in black, I am all set to pass out candy on Halloween! But after all, will anyone who sees me every day… even notice?

—Carol Calacci

Images: Blouses and belts Net-a-porter, boots YOOX

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