Girl Gab. Just Asking…

November 5, 2008 • Girl Gab (Gossip)


I need your help. I can never figure these things out! From today’s Page Six:

Which oft-photographed socialite/designer is losing her grip on the fashion world? Luxury brands no longer send her clothing and accessories and don’t want her in their ad campaigns.

If you have a clue, please share it with the rest of us!

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3 Responses to Girl Gab. Just Asking…

  1. t says:

    nicole richie?? the uglier olsen? both? lmao.

  2. v says:

    my guess is heidi montag or lauren conrad… but it should read “designer”, since it’s not like they do much anyway for those “lines” of theirs.

  3. t says:

    ummm neither one of those are socialites or even quasi-socialites but 100 reality tv personalitiess so no luxury brands have even considered having them in their ad campaigns. i’m guessing now theyre referring to the old news about Posh who has to BUY designer clothes because they refuse to give them to her for free.. but this is old news..

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