WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

November 7, 2008 • Celebrity Style

News flash…Halloween is over! Tell that to some of the lovelies we found this week scaring us with bad fashion and taste. OK, admittedly, not all were that bad. Some were just major missteps. Others were truly frightening. When you mix musicians, England and awards together, you are bound to get an eyeful.

Maria Venutti at the Emirates Melbourne Cup Carnival
2008 at Flemington Race Course in Melbourne,

This photo was taken November 4, so no matter where you live Halloween was unequivocally over! So we have no idea what is going on here. We love the bit of black lace bra poking through that adds even more drama to this frightening ensemble.

She’s thinking: Me and Nicole Kidman…see the resemblance?

Dana Delany at the 12th Annual ACE Awards in NYC

Such a pretty woman, such a tragic outfit. The reason she stands out really is because everyone (and I mean everyone) else at this event looking amazing. This looks like a dress you would see at a pool party, not November in New York. The shoes are just the icing on the cake.

She’s thinking: Yes, I just dropped the kids off at the club.

Gwyneth Paltrow at the premiere of "Two Lovers" in Paris

OK, a lot of harsh words have been said about this dress and actually, I like it. It’s edgy Parisian corset wear and if anyone can pull it off, it would be Gwyneth. We love that she is willing to take risks and most work. What really kills this outfit are those booties with the faux white socks poking through. Ouch.

She’s thinking: Si vous n’aimez pas ce costume me mordent (If you don’t like this outfit, bite me).

Pink at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards in London

While we give Pink props for trying to dress up, this dress is just awful. It is too long and the color does nothing for her. Actually, this was the only photo we could fins where she was not doing her famous ‘Pink Punk Sneer’ so be thankful.

She’s thinking: This dress is hiding my combat boots. Score!

Amelle Berrabah, Heidi
Range and Keisha Buchanan
of the Sugababes at the 2008 MTV Europe
Music Awards in London

Left to right? Hideous pink boots; white dress with black opaques and neon blue shoes? WTF?; boring. For some reason this picture really stood out. The word that immediately came to mind was ‘tacky.’ Then the thought…they are trying too hard and just look uncomfortable.

They are thinking: We made it! Right?

Estelle at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards in London

What the hell is going on with her chest? I had to to a triple take. Seriously, her boobs are fighting for their lives. Who knew a paper bag could cause such pain? Free the boobs, free the boobs! Good Lord, make it stop.

She’s thinking: This old thing? Yes I dumped the potatoes out and thought…perfect!

Shiri Maimon
at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards in London

We are trying to find the one redeeming quality about this dress and just can’t. It’s fugly. Period. The cut, the fit, the colors, the pattern…it’s all bad.

She’s thinking: The Salvation Army really has some great finds if you are willing to take the time to dig.

Photos: WireImage

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