Burning Lingerie. More On Victoria’s Secret Bra Burning

November 13, 2008 • Accessories

Are we just a sue-happy America or do some women really have a legitimate case to file a class action lawsuit against Victoria’s Secret for finding formaldehyde in their bras? As reported yesterday (Warning. Victoria’s Secret? Burning Bras), a woman had some major unexpected discomfort from her Victora Secret push-up bra.

Well view this CCN video below and you decide! What do you think?

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3 Responses to Burning Lingerie. More On Victoria’s Secret Bra Burning

  1. …… tomorrow the fashion show ………. youpii ………… :))))

  2. Lizzie says:

    I love victoria’s secret, i think people are crazy to sue them just like that!

  3. Lauren - SCS says:

    I agree that we have become far too litigious. God forbid anybody makes a mistake and it’s off to the lawyers and off with your head! However, VS should be fully aware what is in their bras when they manufacture them. I mean a burning, blistering rash on your chest? Ew. At least she should get a nice little shopping spree…millions? I think not.

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