Beauty Obsession: Vera Wang’s New Look

November 14, 2008 • Beauty


“It’s a spirit and style that’s absolutely original and comes from within. It’s an attitude, an elusive accessory. It’s that indefinable quality of self-expression that creates a look and sets a woman apart. I’ve always said if I could bottle it, I would…and now I have.” – Vera Wang

Like Vera Wang’s fashion, her new fragrance represents a measured study in texture, color, silhouette and proportion. Be the first to wear Vera Wang LOOK. I have been wearing it for days and its’ love! A slight scent of mandarin and watery greens are layered with lush notes of lychee and golden delicious apple. The vibrant floral bouquet of lily, freesia and jasmine envelopes with femininity. The drydown is a hint of vanilla and musk. Touches of oakmoss and patchouli create balance.

Vera Wang LOOK 3.4 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray $90
Vera Wang LOOK 1.0 oz. Parfum Elixir: Signed Limited Edition $300

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One Response to Beauty Obsession: Vera Wang’s New Look

  1. Kelley D. Woods says:

    sounds like it smells delicious..
    My kind of scent..
    I will have to try this out..

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