Beauty Buzz. Clinique Launches ‘Clinique Medical’

November 14, 2008 • Beauty


Clinique the #1 prestige cosmetics brand in the United States is teaming up will Allergan, Inc., the #1 global medical aesthetics company, to announce Clinique Medical. The new skincare is scientifically designed and clinically proven to complement select-in-office cosmetic procedures and available only through skin care physician’s offices.

The Clinique Medical Optimizing Regimen kit works together to help improve the skin’s receptivity to the benefits of laser skin resurfacing such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or chemical peels such as peels and microdermabrasion. Products in the kit also aid in the post-procedure recovery process by helping to manage post-procedure visible excess redness and inflammation, encourage even skin tone and enhance skin’s resilience to the visible signs of aging.

The Clinique Medical skin care line combines carefully selected ingredients with patent-pending components such as Probiotic Technology to create beautiful formulas that help prepare, strengthen and improve the skin pre-and post-treatment. The Clinique Medical Optimizing Regimen kit includes the Probiotic Cleanser, Skin Conditioning Treatment, Recovery Week Complex, Optimizing Treatment Cream and Daily SPF 38. The products included in the kit are also available for individual purchase. In addition, the Clinique Medical line also includes the Dry Spot Balm, an ultra-hydrating lip and facial spot balm designed to alleviate severe dryness and the associated discomfort related to some prescription medications.

– Kelley D. Woods, Beauty Writer

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