Interested In Cosmetic Injections But Don’t Know Where to Go? Dr. Anthony Ghidorzi at Spa Derma In Chicago.

November 14, 2008 • Beauty


A lot of women are interested, but a bit uncertain about Botox and other cosmetic injections and want to find a reputable aesthetician, preferably a doctor, for non-surgical procedures. The good news is Dr. Anthony Ghidorzi is now Medical Director at Spa Derma which is right inside the new lofty space at Salon 1800

I have been to "Dr. G" many times. In fact, he was the first person I went to for Botox several years ago. He listened to my concerns and fears of looking "fake" or "frozen" and I found out he doesn’t like it either! He knows what women want and understands that especially in Chicago we are on the conservative side. He explains everything to me and I can ask him just about any question. After seeing great results (he got rid of the "angry look" between my brows!) I started asking him "What about this line, what about that one?"  So I can tell you first-hand that Dr. Ghidorzi will give you the correct injectable, whether it is Botox, Restylane, or Radiesse, to get you your desired results.

During my recent visit to Spa Derma, we talked about products and how now they have come a long way. He told me sometimes it is better to go with a longer lasting product, which may cost more up front but will save money in the long run.

After the initial consultation, the visits are quick! But I never feel rushed. Anthony Ghidorzi is careful and meticulous, and with over 9 years of experience, knows how to give me my desired results. 

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Spa Derma                   
1133 W. Armitage Ave.       
Chicago, IL 60614                        

Celebrate the Opening of Salon 1800′s magnificent new space on November 21st.

— Carol Calacci

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