Shop Cops. Jennifer Aniston Visits Chicago and Gets Hit With a Citation.

November 14, 2008 • Fashion


I think Jennifer Aniston is adorable. She seems genuinely sweet and always says and does the right thing under so much media scrutiny…except not this time! Second City Style did not even have to scrutinize – just with a glance I could see her black bra straps under her black tank top! This is a fashion crime for which our Shop Cops have a low tolerance. It was noticeable just as she and Oprah were discussing her Vogue magazine cover and spread. I mean, what would Anna Wintour think?

And no, it was not a double strap top. (I did start scrutinizing, and searching for an answer.) She should know better. It
is NOT okay if it is black with black. Jen, Jen, Jen… would you wear
a white bra with a white tank, hot pink with hot pink? She should also be penalized because she is so well-admired and so many people may follow her. I just don’t want to see it.


You can’t really see the violation from the shots from But anyone who saw the show will know what I am talking about! There were many camera shots where you can see her back. may be slapped a citation for their involvement in covering up a fashion crime. Well, we may just give them community service.

— Carol Calacci


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