Sign of the Times. Men Returning Luxury Goods To Save Face

November 14, 2008 • Fashion

You know the economy is bad when men are returning the high-priced baubles their wives purchased. According to Page Six, high-end stores on Madison Avenue in New York are reporting the return of many luxury items – shoes, handbags, fur coats –
anything with a price tag still attached. And sources say men are
bringing in the returns instead of their wives. "It’s as if the women
are too embarrassed, or too upset, to come in themselves. It’s too
painful for them to part Louboutin_shoe_2
with their recent purchases," said one
retailer. "So they make their husbands perform the painful chore." And
it’s fitting for the man to collect the cash, since he paid for the
unnecessary items in the first place. (They said that, not me). Guess the wives got in a little trouble when the credit card bill arrived. Talk about damage control!

Source: New York Post, Page Six

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