WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

November 14, 2008 • Celebrity Style

The Country Music Awards are always a great forum for bad fashion, but there were plenty other events that brought out the fug! Let’s take a look shall we?

American Gladiator Robin
"Helga" Coleman
at the 10th Annual Day Of the Child in Santa Monica

Comment: Really. What can I say? Being this big and muscular is not something to be proud of…if you are a chick! I can only image how hard it is to find clothes that fit. Which may begin to explain this outfit!

She’s thinking: I’ll kick your ass.

Bai Ling attends at the 10th Annual Day Of the Child in Santa Monica

Comment: Bless her. You can always count on Bai Ling to wear something hideous and/or inappropriate. In fact, she has made a career of it. Is it her only career? Does she do anything besides horrify all on the red carpet? I don’t care how thin you are, that much stomach is just gross.

She’s thinking: No, I did not steal those magazines and gum at the airport. I just ‘borrowed’ them.

Shondrella Avery at
the 18th annual Environmental Media awards in LA.

Comment: OK, wearing this much satin when you know you are going to be photographed is a recipe for disaster. The belt does not match and sorry to inform you…I see nipple through the top which is not a good thing. This outfit is just a hot mess. Head to toe.

She’s thinking: I’m cold!

Fergie at the Glamour Magazine 2008 Women of the Year Awards in NYC

Comment: Holy boobage batman! OK, she is either pregnant or packing on the lbs! Mind you, there have been rumors she has been pregnant ever since she got engaged last year. This isn’t so much about what she is wearing, but how she is wearing it!

She’s thinking: Here we go again. I’ve been eating a lot of Ben & Jerry’s ‘Fergalicious’ and I just know everyone is going to think I’m pregnant…again.

Rachel Weisz at the MoMa film benefit gala in NYC

Comment: Again, this isn’t the worst outfit, but it wa of that evening. Everyone else looked fabulous and Rachel just looks uncomfortable. This was an occasion to really glam it up with a gown and she missed the boat. This dress does nothing for her and does not fit properly.

She’s thinking: Dang. Everyone else is wearing a gown!

Beverly Todd at the H.E.L.P. Malawi fundraiser event sponsored by Max Azria in NYC

Comment: Great cause, bad outfit. The pattern is just hard on the eyes and the cuffed boots are a disaster. This certainly can not be a Max Azria dress. No way.

She’s thinking: Where the hell is Madonna?


Singer Emily West at the 42nd Annual CMA Awards in Nashville

Comment: Well howdee! And you though peach was just for bridesmaids right? Well, one could only hope. The color peach is hard for most to wear. Case in point. The dress, hat, belt and booties are just a train-wreck. She could use the services of a stylist.

She’s thinking: See? Who says you can’t wear a bridesmaid dress again. I just shortened this one and viola!

Singer Sarah Buxton at the 42nd Annual CMA Awards in Nashville

Comment: I am not getting this outfit at all. It looks like something a 13 year-old might wear to a Bat Mitzvah. The hair extensions piled on top her head is just the icing on the Barbie doll cake. Kids, don’t try this at home.

She’s thinking: I’m a little bit country and I’m a little bit Barbie Doll.

Photos: WireImage

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