Top Shops: Top Ten Places to Shop in Paris

November 15, 2008 • Magazine

Top Shops: Top Ten Places to Shop in Paris

Top Shops: Top Ten Places to Shop in Paris

Sat, 2008-11-15 12:00

Gabbie Perez

After living in the City of Style for over three years, I have finally made a definitive list of places I will always shop. Some of these choices are obvious (if there are any avid readers of my articles out there, they should know by now that I am obsessed with Colette), while other places I have never written about before. So here we go…

10. Marché Aux Puces de Saint-Ouen
Metro: Porte de Clignacourt
Get ready for an adventure when visiting the flea market at Porte de Clignacourt. From rare furniture and Art Deco knick-knacks to vintage Chanel scarves and porcelain dolls, you can find anything your heart could desire here. For the best deals, try your best French to bargain down prices. Be sure to bring cash and be ready to hunt for some extraordinary treasures!

9. Hermès
24, rue Faubourg St. Honoré- 75008
An iconic Parisian establishment, Hermès offers the best of the best. Whether you are looking to buy an extravagant custom-made leather horse saddle or chunky silver link jewelry, Hermès is your store—though my favorite item happens to be the simple silk print wrist scarf that runs about 90 euros.

8. Nanie
137, boulevard St. Germain- 75006
Always stocked with the hottest trends, Nanie is the shop of today’s fashion (it’s no wonder why this shop is a favorite among young French women). Supplied with the trendiest of labels—from Paul & Joe to Maje—Nanie is the Parisian shop of fashion now (but beware of the snooty sales attendants…).

7. Free P Star
8, rue Ste. Croix de la Bretonnerie- 75004
Hands down the best vintage store in Paris. Whether you are looking for something outrageous (sequins, fur, polyester) or something classic (white button-downs, leather clutches, tweed jackets) this shop offers the best in resale. But be prepared for large crowds and a very narrow winding staircase to the basement—which leads you to the best finds in all of Paris (and from my experience, that is not an exaggeration).

6. Isabelle Marant
7, rue Jacob- 75006
Isabelle Marant makes dressing casual look so chic. From wooly winter flannels to crisp white linens, the fabrics and patterns of this label are to die for. Centrally located in the heart of St. Germain, I often use the window displays as inspiration for different approaches to my personal wardrobe.

5. Zara
88, rue de Rivoli- 75004
Looking for a good deal? Go to Zara. I know… there are Zara stores all over the U.S., but I must admit that European Zara offers better styles and selection. Whenever I am in need of a special outfit or a new pair of heels, Zara is my go-to store. The shop on Rivoli is by far the best in Paris.

4. Repetto
22, rue Paix- 75002
Considering that I wear ballet flats everyday, this is my favorite shoe store (and rightly so). Every girl who travels Paris has to visit this shop—it’s a ballet flat boutique in a ballet studio. From basic black patent to neon suede, Repetto will surely have the color you are looking for, not to mention that the leather molds to your foot, making these shoes the ultimate in chic comfort.

3. Muji
44, rue des Franc Bourgeois- 75004
This minimalist shop boasts the best paper goods and pens in Paris (they are so reasonably priced and better than Moleskin!). Never been into a Muji? Think of the Container Store meets Gap—traditional, simple, and always classic. Don’t miss this neighborhood favorite when you visit the Marais.

2. Colette
213, rue St. Honoré
This is the best boutique in the whole world (or at least the best boutique I have ever visited). Always cutting edge, always avant-garde, Colette is so cool. No matter how many times I visit, Colette always inspires my fashion aesthetics. Check out the wall of iPods for the latest in music and visit the basement for a quick espresso or orange press.

1. Au Printemps
64, boulevard Haussman- 75009
And the winner is… Au Printemps. How can you not love this place? Not only does it offer 10% off to foreigner shoppers, not only does it have a Ladurée tea room inside, not only is it better organized and less stuffy than Galleries LaFayette, but it has the most (and best) designers in one store. Au Printemps is a one-stop-shopping trip in Paris made easy and fun (and not to mention aesthetically pleasing, as the colossal Art Nouveau dome acts as your shopping guide so you can never get lost!). If there is one store that I would never miss when I’m in Paris, it’s Au Printemps.

Pictured top to bottom:
Free P Star
Au Printemps

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