Finds on a Dime: Beauty And The Briefcase — On A Budget

November 19, 2008 • Accessories


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

We working women spend quite a bit of money on fashion in general;
but we spend at times even more on our work ensembles. Those of us who
attend presentations, network and schmooze clients and colleagues all
know that the initial impression can make all the difference. With that
being said, why is it that we tote around clunky briefcases that arrive
with our laptops toting the name of our computer, and not a designer? We
spend so much money in looking professional and put-together, but we
somehow forget about our most constant fashion accessory.

This is where I insert the caveat — I may invest in my work
wardrobe, so the more pennies I can pinch to save up for that suit, the
happier I would be. And in this economy, I want to be careful where I
invest. So with that in mind, I decided to see what my options were to not only accessorize my work ensemble, but accessorize my laptop. Luckily for all of us fashion-savvy entrepreneurs, we do indeed have some options—stylish options.

The first thought that came to me when trying to replace my briefcase was, why not just buy a large purse?
As the tote is all the rage these days, they aren’t too difficult to
find. Unfortunately the lining of colored silk doesn’t offer as much
laptop protection as that of my less-lined briefcase. Then I discovered
the ingenious — and much less expensive—solution to this dilemma: the notebook sleeve.

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