WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

November 21, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Sorry to disappoint but, no Juliette Lewis this week however, there is much to comment on so read on!


Mary-Kate Olsen at
the landmark Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm Resort in Dubai

Comment: Just when you thought Mary-Kate had turned glam, she shows up in this nightie. Why she favors over-sized gowns that serve to dwarf her already tiny frame is totally beyond us. Her hair could have been styled better too.

She’s thinking: The beauty of this dress is I can jump right into bed when morning comes!

Wesley Snipes at
the landmark Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm Resort in Dubai

Comment: I know, what’s a dude doing on this list? Well, just take a look at this outfit. How could we just let this one go? A mustard linen suit with a gold tie and brown suede shoes? I’m speechless.

He’s thinking: Hey, I owe Uncle Sam a lot of green and this was the best I could find at The Salvation Army on short notice.


Alexandra Alexis at the relaunch of the MANGO Flagship Store in NYC

Comment: She may only be 22, but this outfit screams of a time before she was even born. The early 80’s! Any time I see sheer ‘hose’ I want to claw my eyes out. The dress is dated and too short and the hair…well Farrah Fawcett called and wants her look back. The center part and exposed dark roots are more than I can bare. Scary.

She’s thinking: Does anyone even know who I am?


Lauren Bush attends
Marie Claire Prix de la Mode 2008 ceremony at the French Ambassador’s
residence on November 20, 2008 in Madrid, Spain.

Comment: She looks great, but can’t she ever leave that feed bag at home? We get it! You designed it. You hawk it…now make it into a clutch or leave it off the red carpet! Enough.

She’s thinking: Feed me.


Amy Poehler at the 2008 Museum Gala at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC

Comment: Amy’s on here because she looks great! WTF? Didn’t she just have a baby like 2 weeks ago? Funny and pre-pregnancy hot in mere minutes? Not fair!

She’s thinking: Yeah, I know I look great! But I named my kid Archie! Now that’s funny!


Uma Thurman at the
2008 New York Juror Appreciation Day in NYC

Comment: You know, this one actually makes me feel really good about myself. Heck, if Uma can look this bad, there is hope for us all! Seriously, what is with the bag lady look? The messy hair, sunglasses and no make-up combo is making my day! Don’t you want to show this to every man you know?

She’s thinking: I just flew in a few hours ago from a trip on my fiance’s yacht.


Charis B at the
"How Your Rock It" Series for YRB Magazine’s 2009 Spring Fashion Issue
in LA.

Do I really need to comment on why this is just gawd-awful? The words tacky and whorish come to mind. The long skirt does not dress up the teensy leather vest. Oy.

She’s thinking: Hey, it’s a red carpet and this is kinda a gown, right?


Catalina Naranjo at Lazos de Esperanza at Telemundo Studios in Miami

Comment: Ow! Take a look at those boobs! That’s gotta hurt. It’s unnatural, just like the fabric of that hideous dress! That handkerchief hem was so 5 ears ago. Wow. If I can’t stop staring I am guessing neither can any man (gay or straight). Which I guess is what she was going for. Obviously.

She’s thinking: I must, I must, I must increase my bust!


Madonna at the
launch of the Tattoo Heart Collection to Benefit UNICEF dinner in NYC

Comment: Dry it, roll it and smoke it! This dress is an amazing tribute to green living and only Madonna could pull it off. Let’s face it, she has never been one to shy away from fashion risks. Now that she is almost a free woman, I hope we see more of her at social functions because she certainly is entertaining. Her makeup and hair is flawless, but no surprise, that dress is out of control.

She’s thinking: Six more weeks before I am totally free and only four more minutes to save this dress. Does anyone have a spray water bottle?

Photos: WireImage

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