Retail Detail. The Gift Card E-Hoax

November 24, 2008 • Shopping

I was wondering what was going on after I received an e-mail from Ann Taylor last Friday assuring their business was solvent. According to WWD, many retailers are reacting to an e-mail on the Web that seems aimed at
making consumers fearful of gift cards. The e-mail contended stores
that are planning to close after Christmas are still selling gift cards
that won’t be honored after January 1.

The message was followed by what
appears to be a new list of store closings — whenJjill_gift_card
in actuality, many
were announced earlier this year. The e-mail also falsely indicated
that J. Jill is closing, when in fact the parent company, The Talbots
Inc., said it has put the chain up for sale. One of the retailers on
the list, AnnTaylor Stores Corp., said, “It has come to our attention
that false and misleading information, regarding our company and our
store closure program, is circulating on the Web as part of a hoax to
scare consumers away from purchasing gift cards.” The company stressed
its financial health and said it revealed plans last January to close
117 underperforming stores over a three-year period. The company
stressed its gift cards will continue to be honored at all of its
stores as well as on its Web site.

Source: WWD

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