Fitting The Little Black Dress Into Your Daytime Wardrobe

November 29, 2008 • Magazine

Fitting The Little Black Dress Into Your Daytime Wardrobe

Fitting The Little Black Dress Into Your Daytime Wardrobe

Sat, 2008-11-29 15:00

Rachel Yeomans

We all have at least one standby little black dress hanging in our closets that can turn us from frumpy to fabulous with thankfully very little effort on our part. However no matter how many of these LBD’s we may have, they all seem to be primarily for evening. What about during the day? Especially when there is a necessary work/event transition that needs to take place. Due to this dilemma, I went in search of the appropriate little black dress. Yes, accent on the word “appropriate”.

Now by appropriate I do not mean, schoolmarm. What I do mean is a dress that with just a few accessorized additions or the subtraction of a jacket can be suitable, and even fun, for cocktail hour. Since we already know what constitutes a great LBD for the cocktail hour, let’s look at what can constitute a suitable 9-5 ensemble.

First, check the hemline! During my search, I discovered many dresses that were perfect for the workplace—that is until I looked below the waistline and discovered the fabric ended just after three inches. It was very difficult to find just one dress that didn’t send shivers up my spine envisioning the struggle I would have attempting to sit down at the conference room table. Therefore ladies, make sure when finding that appropriate little black number, make sure to find a length that reaches to at least just above your knee.

Next you should know which type of little black dress you own to know how to transition it. If you own a dress more appropriate for the office and you need to jazz it up for evening, then check your accessories and maybe some tall boots and clutch to give it a kick after hours. Or if you own a dress more on the “fun” side, the first thing you should do is grab a cover-up. A jacket or sweater can tone down any risqué attributes that are better left unknown before 5pm.

Finally, plan the final ensemble. The whole point of the little black dress is to look and feel fabulous with the greatest of ease. What’s the point of complicating that ideal scenario? If you have that fantastic black dress that has the ability to last all hours of the day and into the evening, then make sure you know what accessories make each transition feasible so you avoid the trial and error dilemma that morning.

Find that perfect necklace that really makes a statement in the office along with the cashmere wrap that notes a touch of elegance for the theater. Then you’ll know come next workday, you’ll grab those items without thought, throw them in your handbag, and run out the door in time for your 9 am work meeting dressed to impress.

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