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December 2, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Yes, even celebs have their bad days. Days when fashion-forward turns fashion-flop. It’s happened to the best of them, even the ones you thought could never go wrong in the style department. Indeed, they have, and lately, it’s been all too often. Take a look.

Victoria Beckham

She may be a fashionista, but even Victoria Beckham has faulty fashion moments that make us scratch our heads and yell, "Why?" With a puffy white coat and a titled fedora, she takes on a "posh" gangster look that appears straight out of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal video. 


Ashley Tisdale

Since this sunflower seed dyed her back to its original mousy brown, we’ve seen her style take a dip. It’s not that we could entirely hate this look (Black from head to toe after all, and magnificent thigh high leather boots), but it’s just so boring! We hate to say it, but maybe Ashley should go back to her High School Musical fashion when it was all bright printed sheaths by day and silver sequins by night.



It’s not that we don’t love that Rihanna takes risks, it’s that usually she looks good when she does it! Not so here. The pale pink of this Zac Posen ensemble just washes her out and the dress is so frou-frou, she looks like she should be the decoration atop a poofy wedding cake, not down the red carpet at The American Music Awards.


Keira Knightley

Normally, we applaud Keira for being so fashion forward and style savvy. So we’re not quite sure why she chose to wear this sheer black and white number. The transparent top does nothing for her up top and the tiered bottom is again part of that whole top of the wedding cake look. Even fashion superstars have their flops and here’s the one for Keira.

Not since the days of Lindsay Lohan wearing the grandmotherly fur coat have we seen fashion gone so wrong. Better luck next time, girls.   

Photos: People.com

–Simona Kogan

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