Free Stuff! Second City Style Holiday Giveaways! Day 4 – Sexy Siren II (size 36-M/L)

December 8, 2008 • Lifestyle



Set the mood with these gorgeous pieces from Shirley of Hollywood’s Red Carpet Collection. With form fitting corsets and opulent gowns, this line is a favorite of several A-listers and fashionistas alike. Enter to win items featured here as well as fabulous Shirley of Hollywood bath products. Post a comment here telling me about your favorite first date experience. Act quickly, you only have one day to enter. Entries need to be received by 11:59 EST December 8th. A winner will be chosen December 9th. Retail Value over $200. Open to U.S. residents only.

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8 Responses to Free Stuff! Second City Style Holiday Giveaways! Day 4 – Sexy Siren II (size 36-M/L)

  1. Apple says:

    Because we just met for the first time (that was four years ago) and everything’s awkward, we ended up sitting on the wrong benches and ordering messy food. 😀 But it was the best since it broke the ice between us. He’s still my bf up to this day

  2. Chryssi says:

    My favourite first date was with my current boyfriend…about 7 months after we met….at a little italian restaurant which we still visit today…we were both so nervous, even though we had known each other for 7 months…yet the night was so sweet and special to the both of us the memory still remains strong and we visit that restaurant often and always talk about our first date there…I believe that is where we both realized we were meant to be together

  3. Jennifer says:

    When I was in college, A guy invited me to his house for a candlelit dinner and we watched a movie afterwards. It was nice!

  4. My most memorable first date was with my now-husband, in 1998. It was a simple dinner and a movie type night, but it was great to finally have such a sweet guy to take me to do stuff!

  5. Keitha says:

    My favorite first day experience is was with my husband(now, not then!) and he cooked me a meal and we talked almost all night long! I knew he was the one for me!

  6. MissP says:

    I was the nice girl who’d had a horrible ex and had to start my life over. My wonderful friends were helping me through it all, but I’d become a thorough cynic. He was their friend, the nice guy who’d moved away years before, back for a summer job before starting his permanent career. I’d always heard stories about what a wonderful person he was, and how he’d put up with way too much from his last girlfriend, but hadn’t really seen how it pertained to me.
    We naturally started hanging out. Well, sort of naturally. Actually, after about a month of being seredipitously ‘invited along’ to the same things, I began to sense a conspiracy. Then I began to think: same interests, same philosophies, both intelligent, and he’s good looking into the bargain. Why am I not pursuing this again? Oh, right, he’s leaving at the end of the summer and I’m ‘too cynical to date right now.’ Perhaps it’s time to rethink that idea.
    So the next weekend, I suggested the cookout-and-movie night be held at his place. I wore the most sexy casual sundress I owned, and flirted outrageously while drinking just enough to ensure I would not be able to drive home. Halfway through the evening, I saw the light go on. His grin was awesome. When it came time to go, one of our friends started to offer me a ride, but another quickly dragged her to the door, shouting a goodbye over her shoulder. A bit embarrasing, but I was beyond caring.
    We talked until almost dawn, discovering the most obscure similarities. We’re so much alike it’s eerie. He politely offered me his spare room, which I declined. The next week, we had an incredible dinner date, complete with flowers and a long walk by the river. A month later, we decided to pursue a long distance relationship. We’d take turns driving 800 miles (one way) to see each other at least once a month. A year later, he moved back. Two years later (four months ago) we married. Friends sometimes really do know best.

  7. Sophie says:

    My favorite first date experience came as a surprise.
    Following a bad break up and after dating many men who ended up just being jerks, I had given up on dating. My life became a daily ritual of going to work and being somewhat of a homebody . . . needless to say the monotony had made me just a little bitter. Unbeknown to me, that would all change with a ride on my company elevator.
    As I stood waiting for an elevator to become available, a rather attractive man stood beside me waiting for the same. We said an awkward ‘hello’ as we waited patiently for the elevator. Though I know I seemed calm on the outside (or at least I hoped I did) on the inside I was thinking that he had to be one of the most attractive men I’ve seen walk these halls. Needless to say, seeing him on the elevator was the highlight of my day. Each time I saw him, I would tell my friend/colleague about our elevator “meetings.”
    Well, one day my friend coaxed me into going out for drinks after work. It took a lot of coaxing because I had gone to work without really putting much effort into my appearance that morning. Low and behold, my friend had arranged for the mysterious handsome man from the elevator to meet us at the restaurant!
    I was so embarrassed—my first time hanging out with him socially and I wasn’t in what I thought to be my most unattractive state! After having a martini and talking with him I learned had also thought of our elevator rides together fondly. . . I was ecstatic!
    He later asked me to stay and have dinner with him–which I happily obliged. It was the most fantastic and unexpected dinner of my life–I was on cloud nine the entire time.
    After dinner we walked around the city and looked at the window displays as we talked about our favorite things about the city. At the end of the night he kissed me on my cheek, gave me the warmest hug and hailed me a cab–I went home feeling like a different woman.
    We dated for several months before he was called out of the country for work.
    We still keep in touch. . .
    I still remember that night to this day and smile whenever I do.

  8. Lauren - SCS says:

    I love these stories! Congrats Miss P on meeting your husband! I met mine randomly too. It was all about timing. Had I not lost my driver’s license and missed my flight (and therefore dinner) I never would have wound up in the bar I went to meet a friend. When I approached the bar to order my much needed glass of wine (after the day I had), my future husband let me in. The rest is history. Thank GOD I lost my license. He likes to say that was our first date. But it was really meeting for a drink the next evening.

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