Get It Now. A Solid Investment

December 9, 2008 • Fashion


Jacqueline Zenn for Second City Style Magazine

Although the current state of the economy leaves much to be desired, I like to focus on the positive
– and that is all the amazing sales and deep discounts that are
currently happening. Even brands that rarely (if ever) get marked down
are available for lower prices, making now the perfect time to pick up pieces that are sure to increase your wardrobe’s value

When most people think of investment pieces, they think of classic
looks in neutral colors that will remain stylish for years – and there
is nothing wrong with that line of thought. That said, it is much more
fun and you will end up with a much more unique closet if you simply buy the pieces that make your fashionable heart skip a beat. 

I’m talking about the insanely gorgeous but seemingly impractical
items, like hot pink patent pumps or an intricately beaded cocktail
dress. The kind of pieces that are definitely not sensible and that
make a strong statement – they may seem like unwise purchases, but they
can become your style signature. An added bonus: with all the sales, you can find some amazingly luxurious, well-made pieces for a steal right now, so high end signature items may not be as out of reach as you think.

Here are some of our favorite investment-worthy items:

1. Purple Suede Prada Mary Janes, $357
– Mary Janes are a classic look, but these are livened up with a rich
violet hue and a scrunched strap. Besides, purple looks fabulous with
gray and other cool-toned neutrals.

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