Holiday Gift Guide. Favorite Luxury Candles

December 10, 2008 • Shopping


I admit, sometimes it’s daunting trying to find the perfect gift. This year I was inspired by my love for candles. Candles have been a staple in my home for as long as I can remember. I even burn them when I’m doing makeup. From inexpensive to expensive, I love them all. One great fragrant candle can make a whole room small amazing! They enhance any mood, and never go out of style. I find beauty, and candles go hand in hand to complete a total balance. It’s no wonder so many spa’s and salons, sell candles next to their hair, and makeup products. So, I wanted to share with you my love for candles, and hopefully it will inspire, and help you with your gift giving this year. These are my top Favorite Luxury Candles for scent, appeal, and just about anyone on your list! (No order)




Shopping Guide:

Manuel Canovas Paris, $18 -$60
Thyme Candles, $25
Voluspa Holiday, $15- $55
Agraria, $75
Aquiesse – Exotic Candle Collection, $30
Tocca, $42 – $46
Paddy Wax, $18
A Scent of Scandal, $15
Votivo , $27
Timothy Han, $58
Saint Parfum Candles, $75

– Kelley D. Woods

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3 Responses to Holiday Gift Guide. Favorite Luxury Candles

  1. Michael S. says:

    I recently found these candles online . I bought my wife Brandied Pear, Cozy Home, Harmony Grove and Very Vanilla. My wife loves candles and we try them all, at least it seems like it! These are by far the best I have tried over the past few years. The scent filled up our entire first floor! They are really inexpensive, which is the best thing. Definately will have to try the others you listed as well. Thanks!

  2. faith24 says:

    i love candles… the latest one i tried was Archipelago Botanicals in Paramour and Vanilla Rhubarb – even though very small they scent my entire room and their fragrances are very unique… I just wish they weren’t so expensive

  3. Candles are really great gifts to give your love or your friend. above candle are looking so pretty.
    thank you

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