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December 10, 2008 • Shopping

There really isn’t much good news when it come to retail these days. However, according to WWD, the economy isn’t the only factor working against malls.

I have long contended malls are plain annoying and a whole lot of the same store after store, but according to a new survey by the Verde Group and the Baker Retailing
Initiative at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, at
least 80% of shoppers experienced at least one problem during
their last mall visit.

“The Shopping Mall, A
Study on Customer Dissatisfaction” cited
these four areas for mall improvement:

• Discovery: range of
stores and restaurants, uniqueness of products, special events,
environmental consciousness, an attractive and inviting appearance.

• Comfort: sufficient cleanliness, proper maintenance, easily located washrooms, ample security.

• Accessibility: ease of finding parking, ability to find parking where wanted.

• Navigation: ease of finding the mall, understanding the mall layout, adequate signage.

On average, customers drive 25 miles
to their mall of choice and visit five stores while there. One in three shoppers spends at least two hours in the mall.
Nine out of 10 make a purchase, and the majority spend $150 during
their visit.

Read "Study Finds Malls Plagued With Sea of Sameness" here.

Source & Photo: WWD

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