Free Stuff! Second City Style Holiday Giveaways! Day 9 – The Corporate Rebel

December 12, 2008 • Lifestyle


The one thing that drives me absolutely crazy is anything bland — bland clothes, bland accessories, bland people … but worst of all is a bland desk! It’s bad enough you have to conform to the corporate dress code and deal with the same old crap day in and day out, but should you have to do it in a boring workspace? If you’re tired of staring at the heinously atrocious manila folders and boring supplies, be the rebel and spruce it up! Sorting with Style offers quality office supplies that can reflect who you really are. Everyone in the office will be able to differentiate your desk for the others and you’ll know who “borrowed” your scissors. 😉 

Enter here for your chance to win chic office supplies and accessories from Sorting with Style! Post a comment here telling me how you break up the monotony at work. Winner will be selected Monday, December 15th, so act fast!  Open to US residents only. Entries must be received by 11:59 PST, December 14th. Good luck!





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9 Responses to Free Stuff! Second City Style Holiday Giveaways! Day 9 – The Corporate Rebel

  1. Rhonda Mason says:

    What a nice gift! Thanks for the chance. I don’t really get bored at work, however I do keep a lot of bright shiney things around me. I love bright pens,markers, paper and accessaries…so I agree NO BLAND!I also have a goofy little bobblehead shopping gal that gets a whack on the head a couple times a day!

  2. eye4style says:

    What a cute prize! I like to visit CuteOverload or go out for a quick walk around the block as a refresher.

  3. I wish you could of seen it however all I have is a still picture of it. I work in a high stress level job and we get so burned out sometimes and so we get a little foolish at times and it’s not a good idea to take time off with the rest of us still there and almost over the edge because you just might come back to an office full of shredded paper and I mean full lol We actually did this to a co-worker while she was out for a few days. Only the picture would do this justice. Everyone shredded everything they could and brought old newspapers from home and even recycled everything from the outer location offices. If you could of seen her face when she opened her door that was worth it all. 🙂
    This week we are having a holiday competition to see who can decorate there office the best for the holiday season. I think we are winning. We started by wrapping our door like a gift and put homemade gingerbread men and women all over the door.Next we also wrapped all the huge filing cabinets in wrapping paper and put bows on each draw to make them also look like gifts and did the windows in snowflakes. Then we put Christmas trees on top of all the filing cabinets. It’s been fun to break up the monotony. Thanks for Sharing and Happy Holidays~!

  4. kathemc says:

    Two words: Dance Party

  5. kng says:

    i break up the corporate day in and day out with a pop of fun color on my nails- that way every time i look down at my typing fingers, it brings a tiny smile to my face!

  6. hazel says:

    I break it up by listening to music (on head phones of course)

  7. Tim says:

    I work 12 hour shifts in a large grocery store. I get chatty at times with customers and co-workers to keep myself sharp. Thanks for the giveaway

  8. Apple says:

    I’m a writer so once a week, I go out and attend fun press launches. That breaks the monotony. 🙂

  9. Joyce says:

    I love my work and also love all the different colors that make my office a dream to work in.
    Hope I win so that more color will be added. Joyce

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